How Long After A Tattoo Can You Take A Bath

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Take A Bath

If someone gets a bath after taking a new tattoo without care, it may harm the tattoo healing, cause infection, and slow down the recovery. A fresh tattoo requires aftercare, and many steps are essential when curing wounds. Keeping your inked area from getting moist is one of them. A bath just after having a tattoo might also harm the look of the tattoo design. 

If someone wants to take a shower after having a new tattoo, they need to know how long after a tattoo can you take a bath. The answer is simple: you can take a bath after 2 to 3 weeks of getting tattoos. In this article, we covered how to bath with a new tattoo and its precautions. We hope this study helps you understand the ideal time to take a bath after having a tattoo. If you want a waterproof tattoo for swimming, you can check out our recent article about it.

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Take A Bath?

Simply put, it depends on how quickly or slowly your skin heals. You should wait at least two to three weeks before dipping a new tattoo in water. And it would be preferable if you waited til it had healed completely, which should take a couple of weeks. Otherwise, your skin may get infected and slow the healing process or destroy your new tattoo.

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Take A Bath

When Can You Safely Take a Bath After Getting a Tattoo?

Before taking a shower with a fresh tattoo, waiting at least two to three weeks is generally recommended. This time frame permits the early healing process to be completed while lowering the likelihood of further problems.

A few factors that may influence how quickly your tattoo heals include the design and placement of the tattoo, the technique used, your body’s natural healing ability, and any specific follow-up recommendations the tattoo artist may have given.

Which Factors Affect Bathing After a Tattoo?

When you can take a bath after having a tattoo depends on several circumstances. The shape and placement of the tattoo are essential because more significant designs could take time to heal fully.

Tattoos in those areas of the skin, such as the hands or feet that are frequently exposed to moisture or friction, may require more attention and healing time. Whether you get a traditional or cosmetic tattoo, the method utilized to create it can affect how quickly your tattoo heals.

Personal factors like the body’s ability to heal and follow care guidelines may impact when taking a shower after having inked is acceptable.

Why shouldn’t you take a bath with new tattoos?

Here are some reasons Why shouldn’t you take a bath with new tattoos:

  • Scarring: Soaking your fresh tattoo might delay recovery and result in some scarring. The marks could have a significant impact on how smaller components seem.
  •  Quality loss: The scabbing process of a new tattoo also causes some ink to leak out of your skin. Submerging a tattoo, however, might result in scabbing. Your tattoos can appear washed out and less colorful as a result.
  •  Infection: In water, harmful germs are present. Therefore, you should typically prevent soaking uncovered wounds like tattoos. If you must bath, try to keep your ink from getting wet.

You can see that it’s best to refrain from diving in the tub after getting a new tattoo. If you do this, your tattoo may not heal properly or lose some details.

Why shouldn’t you get a fresh tattoo wet?

At all times, prevent getting a recent tattoo moist. Getting a newly inked area wet may stop its recovery and increase your chance of infection because the skin is still healing and prone to infection. A freshly healed tattoo’s ink has not yet entirely set into the human body. If wet, a new tattoo may lose some of its ink, leaving it unfinished and unappealing. Water immersion in a newly tattooed spot can also irritate and hurt the skin. 

Because recently injured tissue is more sensitive to water, it may inflict more harm and delay healing. It’s essential to dry off a new tattoo as fast as you can if you do. Apply a lotion to the part after patting it dry with a clean cloth to nourish it. Do not utilize anything that has alcohol or scents because they can irritate newly tattooed.

Can You Shower With A New Tattoo?

A recent tattoo needs to be handled carefully. After receiving a tattoo, attempt to keep the ink as dry as possible if you have to take a bath immediately. Avoid putting your tattoo in water for an extended time, or massage it with a clean towel.

Also, make sure not to leave any soap on your skin by using lukewarm water only and carefully pressing the area regarding your new tattoo with a dry towel, and discuss with your artist.

How To Shower After Getting A Tattoo?

The most crucial action is to take precautions when showering after getting fresh ink. To ensure that your new tattoo recovers correctly and maintains its excellent appearance for years, it is crucial to clean and maintain it. Here are a few suggestions for showering after having a fresh tattoo:

  • First, always use cool water instead of warm water. The temperature of the water is crucial to monitor since hot water might damage your brand-new ink.
  •  Do not clean the ink off the tattoo, which could cause scabbing and scarring. After bathing, use dry bathroom towels to gently pat the skin dry and ensure not to scratch it. Apply a tiny amount of fragrance-free moisturizer or cream to your fresh tattoo after a shower to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

How Long After a Tattoo Can You Take a Bubble Bath?

It’s advised to wait about two to three weeks before having a bubble bath after having a fresh tattoo. It would help if you concentrated on keeping the area tidy by washing it once a day with warm water (not hot) and antibacterial soap. Patting the tattoo dry after showers and soaking can help it heal in the first two to three weeks.

Don’t try to speed up recovery because it’s damaging your lovely tattoo. Make sure to follow the follow-up instructions provided by the artist at tattoo design time.

Tips for Bathing with a Fresh Tattoo

To keep your new tattoo healthy and looking great, you need to follow some instructions:

  • Water Temperature: Warm water can enlarge pores and spread bacteria into the tattoo. Use lukewarm water when showering to keep tattoos clean while avoiding interfering with the healing process.
  •  Avoid soaking your tattoo: It’s essential to keep it out of the water when you decide to take a bath. Moisture may cause them to become tattoo softer and raise the possibility of infection or color loss. Choose a short shower instead, or think about washing the artwork apart from your usual bath practice.
  •  Use fragrance-free soap: Use a fragrance-free soap while washing your tattoo. Fragrances or harsh detergents can irritate the tattoo and slow the healing process. Use a soft towel or your fingers to clean the tattoo without too much pressure or scratching.
  •  The right time for bathing: It’s typically advised to wait at least two-to-three weeks after getting a new tattoo. This lowers the possibility of trouble and helps the tattoo to heal.
  •  Pat dry. Avoid rubbing: Rub the tattoo gently rather than forcefully, which may irritate it or prevent scabs from healing. Before using any follow-up treatment, make sure the tattoo is dry.
  •  Follow the follow-up instructions: Follow the instructions for follow-up that the tattooist has provided after taking a bath. Rub a small amount of cream to keep the skin around the tattoo moisturized and protected. Always keep your hands clean while touching the tattoo.

people also ask:

Taking a bath with new ink is totally acceptable. In reality, to maintain your tattoo clean, the majority of artists will advise you to do it. This is due to the fact that the shower is a great spot to clean your fresh ink. It should be carefully applied scentless antibiotic soap for the best cleaning results. Pat your skin dry immediately and apply lotion.

Ask your tattoo artist how long they advise keeping the dressing on after getting tattooed. Smaller tattoos typically require two to four hours. Larger tattoos, however, can take 5 to 7 hours.

Just don’t completely drown your new tattoo, getting it wet is fine. In reality, you should wash your new tattoo with water and a suitable soap for antibacterial purposes. 

Overall, you should prevent swimming of any kind if you have a fresh tattoo. There are many causes of this:

  • Bacteria and Parasites: Numerous organisms harm people in salt and freshwater. Since tattoos are open wounds, bacteria, and viruses can easily infect them.
  • Tattoo Soaking: It will also soak if you take a dip with fresh ink. As I mentioned previously, there are hazards associated with that, from scarring to infection.
  • Sand on a Tattoo: If you visit a beach, you know sand is always present. Additionally, it may be uncertain and difficult to get off if it enters your tattoo. So clean it once your tattoo has cured.


In this article, we have studied how long after a tattoo can you take a bath. Taking a bath requires care and following aftercare guidelines. Protecting the quality of your tattoo requires waiting for the average healing time, avoiding water exposure, using mild detergent, and using gentle methods for drying. These suggestions can help you bath safely and adequately while maintaining your freshly-inked tattoos.

Usually, you can take the first bath after 2 to 3 weeks if you have a full body tattoo; otherwise, you can take a bath by covering the specific tattooing area. We hope this study clarifies the significance of tattoo aftercare and provides guidance on bathing after getting inked. Please feel free to contact us if you still need clarification or have any queries. Thanks for reading!

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