how to fade a tattoo

How To Fade A Tattoo

A tattoo is an excellent way to display yourself, your personality, feelings, and accomplishments. Or anything else you want your body art to express. Yet, you decide you no longer want your artwork for some excellent reason later. The challenge is removing unwanted ink and knowing how to fade a tattoo. Since this action cannot be undone once it has been completed. The only option is to get rid of it completely. 

Removing a tattoo professionally can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The price varies depending on how long tattoo removal procedures are necessary to get the ink out. There are various less painful and expensive free methods of tattoos fading at home. Contrary to expert service, these methods take a long time to remove the design.

What is tattoo fading?

A tattoo starts to vanish over time for various reasons, called tattoo fading. So many factors are involved in it, like improper aftercare, sun exposure, and ink absorption into the skin due to changes in body cells.

How To Fade A Tattoo By Professional 

Dark inks are sometimes the hardest to fade because natural processes don’t always work for them. For this reason, visiting a specialized tattoo removal facility can be your best choice. This will also rely on the tattoo ink’s depth in the skin. Many natural lighting options gradually fade with more ink on the surface. Most dermatologists can use lasers to either shrink or remove your tattoo. Depending on the skin type, each technique mentioned above for lightening and removing a tattoo will have varying degrees of success and duration. This also relies on the kind and shape of the tattoo because more extensive, vibrant tattoos would probably fade more slowly than small, straightforward ones.

Generally speaking, before obtaining a cover-up tattoo, many tattoo artists will advise getting several sessions of laser tattoo removal. To remove the old tattoo altogether with standard laser treatments, 12–15 sessions are required. It should only take 3–4 sessions to fade a tattoo for a cover-up, and it will be much less expensive than eradicating it.

How to Fade a Tattoo at Home

Unlike surgical ones, non-surgical ones allow you to try them at home. These procedures might not be as efficient as surgical excisions and lasers. For individuals unsure of how to fade tattoos more quickly at home, they are still worth a go.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Exfoliation

Hydrogen peroxide and exfoliation work wonders to help tattoo ink eventually fade naturally. This is so that dead skin may be removed by peeling, and hydrogen peroxide can be used to lighten skin because of its bleaching qualities. You should use a salt or sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your skin in preparation for this process. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the region after a brief peeling period. Ensure you stop exfoliating if it becomes uncomfortable or raw so you are not damaging any fresh skin.

how to fade a tattoo using Hydrogen Peroxide and Exfoliation

Lemon Juice

Lemons are a fantastic natural solution to lighten a tattoo without receiving professional treatment. Lemons are frequently used as skin-lightening remedies. Apply pure or freshly squeezed lemon juice to the inked area up to 3 times per day, and within a few weeks, you should observe a noticeable fading of the ink, especially the darker colors.

how to fade a tattoo using lemon juice

Salicylic Acid

If you use salicylic acid, your tattoo may fade a little. You can purchase this material at the shop, but don’t anticipate any miraculous results. Salicylic acid acts by encouraging skin cell turnover, which might gradually result in tattoo pigment lightening.

how to fade a tattoo using Salicylic acid

how to prevent tattoos from fading

At the start of the article, we discussed how to fade our tattoos safely, and here, we will discuss how to keep tattoos from fading. We will discuss ways to prevent your tattoo from quickly fading. Tattoo fading prevention precautions are discussed below. Follow these instructions to keep your tattoos fresh for many years.

1 proper aftercare

Follow the aftercare instructions as the artists instruct you. Good aftercare can help maximize a tattoo’s life and prevent fading.

2 Avoiding sun exposure

Direct sunlight exposure may ruin your tattoo badly. So, avoid overexposure to direct sunlight.

3 Avoid scrubbing and scratching

Do not scrub or scratch the tattooed area. Also, avoid cleaning too much of the tattooed body part as it will cause fading.

4 touch-ups

Take regular touch-ups according to the artist’s advice. The touch-up work gives a tattoo a new and fresh look.

5 Take care of your health

Eat proper food and maintain your health. Keep your body hydrated and eat fresh fruits to keep your body untouched.

6 take fresh air

Do not warp the tattooed area for any reason. Skin cells also need to breathe, allowing your skin to breathe fresh air. If your skin gets old, the elasticity will damage the tattoo and start fading.

7 moisturize your skin

Moisturize your skin regularly; otherwise, the skin will get attention, and the tattoos will fade.

8 wear soft and loose clothes

Always wear soft clothes; otherwise, the hard clothes will ruin your tattoo because the skin will get irritated due to the fraction, and the tattoo will fade with time.

9 avoid drinking and smoking

Do not drink or smoke while wearing the tattoo; this practice will also affect your tattoo life. Due to smoking, the skin becomes elastic, which causes fading.

People also ask

Why do tattoos get fade?

Reasons for tattoos fading include direct sunlight interaction for a long time, lousy aftercare, and lousy health. Smoking and using anti-aging agents may also cause the tattoo fading.

Can You Fade A Tattoo Away?

You can remove a tattoo using laser technology or natural methods like sunshine, home remedies, or tattoo removal cream.

Does lemon juice fade tattoos?

The natural brighteners, lemon, and lime juices can help tattoos fade. 2-3 times every day, apply freshly squeezed juice to the tattoo. This approach does not work well with colorful inks like green, blue, and others. It works best on black tattoos, which will turn pale brown. You can substitute hydrogen peroxide for juice using the same logic.

How Can I fade my tattoo at home?

There is no quick way to fade or remove the ink. However, you can experiment with various techniques at home to help decrease the color of the ink.

Will Lemon Juice Fade A Tattoo?

Yes, applying lemon juice to the tattoo area at least three times a day will help lighten a tattoo. Additionally, you’ll notice the design fading after a few weeks. Additionally, you can combine lemon juice and salt to create a mixer. After that, dab it on the inked area.

How Can I Speed Up My Tattoo Fading?

Regardless of your approach, an expert laser removal service or a personal remedy for tattoo fading will work. Simply altering your lifestyle, such as eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, strengthening your immune system, working out daily, and drinking enough water, will speed up healing. 

Does Vaseline Fade Tattoos?

According to a study, Vaseline and other petroleum-based materials can help a tattoo fade. But it’s best to avoid it because it may gather bacteria and other germs in the afflicted area. 

Can You Make A Dark Tattoo Lighter?

Yes, black ink can be made lighter.

What Naturally Removes Tattoos?

Use a yogurt mixture, aloe vera, salt, and honey. Additionally, it is the most significant natural home cure for tattoo removal.

Can You 100% Remove The Tattoo?

The only sure method to remove a tattoo is through professional laser tattoo removal services.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Remove A Tattoo?

The absence of apple cider vinegar makes it worthwhile in fading ink.

How Can I Fade My Tattoo Without A Laser?

As I mentioned above, several approaches to tattoo removal don’t involve spending much money on laser treatments. 

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Fade A Tattoo?

No, neither is this procedure advised nor effective in fading ink. 


Therefore, when it comes to tattoo fading, our advice is straightforward: visit a professional and let them take care of your tattoo safely and adequately. Other ways could seem more tempting because they are inexpensive and employ common ingredients. Avoid overdoing it using homemade remedies, and watch out for skin reactions.
If you still have questions after reading this study on how to fade a tattoo, please contact us. Gratitude for reading!

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