How Long Does A Lip Tattoo Last

How Long Does A Lip Tattoo Last

As the fashion industry changed, many things changed in the tattooing industry. Getting tattoos on lips has become the typical fashion nowadays. Women probably get lip tattoos as permanent makeup and inner lip tattoos as ink. Tattoo lips make the look unique, different from others, and a unique way to showcase your personality. But here, the question arises: how long does a lip tattoo last?

Getting a lip tattoo is difficult, so its care and long-lasting are compulsory. Here, we devise a detailed discussion about making the lips tattoo last longer. We will discuss in detail how to make lips tattoo last longer. Check out our recent article if you’re excited to learn how long a finger tattoo lasts.

How Long Does A Lip Tattoo Last

How Long Does A Lip Tattoo Last

A lip tattoo typically lasts between 1 and 5 years. Individual experiences, however, could differ. You may experience different periods. The original brightness of a lip tattoo may start to decrease for many people within the first year. You could see some observable changes in color and shape towards the end of the second year. The lip tattoo will last for a maximum of 1 to 2 years. Your lip tattoo can stay firmly fixed for up to 5 years with the correct aftercare if you choose a brighter color and are committed to the aftercare procedures. 

Also, keep in mind the location of the tattoo. However, compared to other areas of your skin, the lip is not a location for tattoos for a lifetime. Lip tattoos often only remain 1-5 years, in contrast to the notion that tattoos last forever. This is because the ink is quickly removed due to the high renewal of cells in the lip region.

Factors that Determine Lip Tattoo Longevity 

Factors that determine how long an inner lip tattoo lasts are discussed below; these are the main factors that determine the lifespan of a lip tattoo.

Reproduction of cells

Our body comprises millions of cells, regenerating the new cells with time. So, it is an essential factor that determines the tattoo lifespan. Other body cells change and restore with time, but inner body cells regenerate quickly. Due to quick cell regeneration, the inner lip tattoo starts to fade after one year or more for five years. So it’s clear the inner tattoo ink lifespan is smaller than that of other body parts.


As you know, our mouth moisturizes and is acidic. The mouth contains various chemicals and acids, and the mouth cells regenerate very fast. The tattoo ink on the lips soon vanishes due to the mouth’s acidic nature. The mug is extraordinarily wet and humid due to our saliva. Tattoos long last on hydrated body parts, while excessive water and moisturized tattoos fade quickly. 

Ink insertion

If the tattoo ink is inserted correctly, that tattoo will remain bright for a long time. An expert and experienced tattoo artist injects the ink precisely and at the proper depth. As you know, the lip tattoo gets moisturized more than other parts; if the ink does not correctly penetrate the skin, it will fade shortly.

Always get a lip tattoo from an experienced and best-recommended artist because the lip tattoo has a short period. If you get it from a beginner who needs to learn the proper depth and sensitivity of a lip tattoo, your tattoo will disappear very soon. On the other hand, if you get the services of an artist recommended by family or friends and he also has many years of experience, your tattoo will last for years.

How to make a lip tattoo last longer.

To make your tattoo long-lasting, follow these instructions: 

Aftercare as instructed 

Do proper aftercare for a newly made tattoo, just as your artist advised. Every tattoo requires aftercare, but the tattoo on the lips needs extra care. The tattoo artist gives special aftercare instructions for lip or inner lip tattoos. Quality and proper aftercare will help increase the lifespan of tattoos.

Your tattoo artist must explain its care and fast healing for the best healing results. They will guide you on keeping the tattoo site germ-free and instruct you on avoiding eating prohibited foods. Follow the instructions and questions in case of any confusion.

Sun protection

An inner lip tattoo does not require any protection from the direct sun, but the upper lip tattoo needs to protect it from interacting with the sun. Pigments can degrade and fade when exposed to UV radiation from the sun. When going outside, use a unique balm and wear a hat.

Do not smoke or drink.

Alcohol is used to remove the tattoo, and if drunk, it will damage your lip tattoos. Also, smoking makes the tattoo lines light, and the color will fade because of excessive smoking. So avoid smoking and drinking to make your lip tattoo last longer.

Use cosmetics carefully

Most women use lipsticks from various brands; choose brands wisely. For fashion purposes, women use multiple products; choose these products wisely. In winter, most people use lip oil to keep moisturized; lip oil or lipstick may damage your tattoo due to excessive use.


Lip tattoos fade fast as compared to other tattoos. Due to disappearing, the lines become light and invisible. To make them brighter, we need touch-ups. Lip tattoos also need a touch-up after some time. You can make your tattoos last longer with proper consultancy and get touch-ups.

Possible side effects of getting lips tattoos

Lip tattoos face different issues due to location, sensitivity, and over-moisturization. Some common side effects of lip tattoos are given below.

Extra discomfort

You face extra pain while getting the lips tattoo compared to other body parts due to lip sensitivity. Usually, using various numbing agents to lessen the pain is recommended, but due to the sensitive location, some degree of pain and discomfort is mandatory.


Getting infected is the biggest challenge for a tattoo, but for a lip tattoo, it would be more injurious due to location. To overcome infection possibilities, always choose a qualified artist. Always force your artist to use sterilized equipment.


During the aftercare period, it’s compulsory to follow strict remedies. A new tattoo gets swollen and changes color, but after a few days, it gets normal. If this condition remains for several days, it’s also alarming for all types of tattoos. If your lip tattoo goes through this condition continuously, this will lead to worsening.

Swelling and bruising

Lip tattoos frequently cause swelling, which might last a few days after getting a new tattoo. The node may make you uncomfortable talking, eating, or drinking. After receiving a lip tattoo, some people could have bruising surrounding the lip region. Usually, only for a while; this should pass in a few days.


If you need to follow the proper aftercare instructions from tattoo artists and experts, scarring damages the skin surface in the case of a body tattoo, and in the case of a lip tattoo, it causes lip wrapping. The scarring impairs your tattoo and leaves a permanent spot on your lips.

Change in color 

Due to lip moisturization and its acidic nature, the tattoo changes its color or mixes up in colors. The lines fade and light, which decreases the tattoo’s visibility.

People also ask

Any religion in the world does not forbid lips tattooing. Islam also does not forbid temporary blushing, but permanent tattoos are haram in Islam.

You should avoid using lip gloss or makeup for at least one day. The ink will have more time to dry and won’t smear. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid scraping or scratching your lips since this might speed up the fading of the ink.

Normally, a lip tattoo or blushing does not change the lip shape. It may be caused by bad healing and infections; otherwise, as such, it has nothing to do with lip shape.

Yes, you can use a thin layer of Vaseline after cleaning your tattoo completely.


Lip tattoos are a great way to enhance your lips’ natural beauty. Most of the women get for blushing. While a lip tattoo’s lifespan might vary, good aftercare, careful color selection, and expert skilled work can considerably increase it. You may enjoy your lip tattoo for many years by adhering to aftercare instructions and adopting healthy lifestyle decisions, making it a worthy investment in your particular style.
In this study, we try to convey a lesson about how long a lip tattoo lasts. We hope you get the idea. Still, if you have any queries, you can contact us. Thanks for reading!

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