how much does a tattoo machine cost

How Much Does A Tattoo Machine Cost

If you are a tattoo artist and want to adopt tattooing as a profession. For this purpose, you need investments to build a business of tattoos. When you decide to adopt tattooing as a profession, the first thing that comes into your mind is a business investment. Before starting any business we assess how much are tattoo machines.

 For this purpose, you just need to know how much does a tattoo machine cost. After knowing the gun’s price you can make your plan easier, whether you can afford extra equipment for a tattoo station or not all this possible after knowing the machine price. This study helps you to take better decisions and help you to grow your business according to your capital.

how much does a tattoo machine cost

In tattooing, a lot of equipment is used, in a tattoo station a huge amount of investment is required other than tattoo guns, but first should be a must to know how much a tattoo machine costs. After deciding and assessing the machine cost you can make your way easier to take decisions.

how much are tattoo guns worth? An average tattoo gun cost 50$ to 1000$. To assess a machine’s price you must need to know about the machine. Different types of machines are available, also various price factors are involved in evaluating a machine. with the right assessment of the machine and its equipment price, we can easily estimate a single tattoo cost.

As we mentioned above different types of machines like rotary machines are cheaper than coil machines. Another factor is the equipment packed with the machine, if a machine comes packed with all necessary high-quality equipment, definitely that machine will be an expensive one. Further, if you make a professional rotary tattoo machine at home it will cost you less amount as compared to the market but never compromise on the machine quality and sterilization.

Here we discussed too various types of machines with prices.

how much does a rotary tattoo machine cost?

According to our research, we found rotary tattoo machines’ average cost is between 50$ to 1300$. This cost depends on various factors and qualities of a machine we will discuss these factors later in this article.

how much does a coil tattoo machine cost?

A coil machine is cheaper than a rotary machine. A coil machine average costs between 50$ to 500$.

Price factors of a tattoo machine

There are various factors that decide the machine’s price. These parameters are discussed below.

Machine quality

A high-quality machine doesn’t come at a low price. If you invest a good amount in buying a reliable machine, it will be a long-term asset for you.

Working style

A machine that works smoothly with no noise and no extra pain to the customer is the best. A good machine doesn’t vibrate so much during operation. A comfortable and smooth working of a machine makes its quality.


Lots of machines come with extra equipment like needles, power supply, and other necessary items to start the tattooing.


A machine that is an all-rounder, would be costly compared to others. A versatile machine helps us to save our extra financial power to buy an extra machine for various designs and tattoos.

How we can save money on the tattoo machine

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, whether you’re a beginner tattoo artist or you need to replace an outdated machine. Although you can save, you will need to spend a fair amount on your tools.

Here few methods you may use to make your next tattoo machine less expensive.

Looks for deals

Always connected on social media with tattoo machine brands’ manufacturers. They announce different details like black Friday or Christmas deals. Always try to find a quality product at a low price and that is possible when a company offers deals.

Long term savings

Never buy a cheap machine, just because of its price. It would be the biggest blunder if that machine run out of work within a year. So we suggest you buy a quality machine once and it will be beneficial for you in the long term.

Buy in bulk

If you’re running a tattoo station or you have a group of friends who are doing the tattooing. We suggest you buy machines in bulk, when you buy the machine in bulk, the brand offers a discount. This approach is very handy to lessen the investment in guns.

People also ask

Normally the average cost of tattoo machines is between 50$ to 1000$. Few brands offer high price products but normally in the above-discussed budget, you can buy the best machine.

Yes, it is better to do precise lining work as well as can be used for shading.

Rotary or coil no one heart while getting tattoos. It depends on the machine, tattoo, and artist.

Final thoughts

here we explain in detail considering various factors how much does a tattoo machine cost. Depending on the specifications of the device and the accessories you acquire with it, a tattoo machine may cost between $50 to over $1,000. It will cost less if you buy a tattoo machine alone. You will nevertheless have to pay for the ink and the needles.

However, you may spend more money on a tattoo kit that includes materials. A higher-quality machine will last longer, allowing you to save time and money.

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