Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited Review

One of the greatest machines we have ever tested is the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited. All types of tattoos, including lining, shading, and color packing, are appropriate for this machine.

The gadget is really light, it weighs just 152g without a battery and 184g with a battery. so you can move it over my client’s body with ease, making the session more comfortable for both artist and the client. Because of the comfortable layout of the device, you can work for several hours without taking a break.

Solong Tattoo Kit Review

Solong Tattoo Kit is appropriate for both newbies and experienced tattoo artists. The device is dependable, efficient, and simple to operate. The tattoo machine is perfect for getting the required tattoo design since it is strong and produces consistent results.

Ambition Soldier Tattoo Machine Review

4mm stroke, solid construction, consistently hard striking. This machine has been used by us for seven hours without growing warm or giving me a problem. The batteries typically last between 5 to 6 hours at 9.5. In order to easily replace the dead battery when it happens, I bought a second one. There is no drop in power until the battery is completely depleted; instead, there is a sudden stop.

Mast Archer tattoo machine reviews

It is a stylish, sophisticated instrument with an obvious LCD voltage panel. The operating voltage and your working duration will be indicated on the LED screen. It comes with a Flash drive fast charging wire, two interchangeable handles, and a lovely gift box. It is offered in a variety of colors and styles.

Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Review

With increased market share among tattoo machines, the mast tour also gained fame. But it is challenging for…

Mast Tattoo Pen Review

We know the DRAGONHAWK rotary manufacturer offers a series of mast rotary pens. For a beginner or an…

Wormhole Tattoo Kit Review

The wormhole comes with the functionality of continuous working and is less noisy and a long-lasting machine. The wormhole complete kit includes all equipment that a beginner needs to start tattooing. This machine comes with a fantastic look and design. We tested this machine and analyze it on the base of different factors like; machine speed, working hours, battery timing, and most important quality of working. We found this machine much better than expensive machines.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Reviews

The machine include in the kit is awesome, the cartridges slide without any noise. We had tried various cartridges rotary machines but had never seen such an amazing cartridges machine. This machine’s needles bar is very easy to clean, and this machine is very much easy as compared to others in terms of needles bar. The needles come packed well and stabilized and are very easy to open. The needle depth is very easy, by just rotating the machine. Worked with machine continuously for 3 hours without brake, got warmed up but didn’t get hot so quickly.

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