mast archer tattoo machine review

Mast Archer tattoo machine reviews

We know for an artist, a wireless machine is a blessing if you’re finding the wireless device and fed up by testing different brands of appliances. Don’t worry; here we come with a mast archer tattoo machine review. This review helps you to find the best machine that works without wires. Stay with us and follow our recommendations; we hope you enjoy the mast archer review and find the best machine.

mast archer tattoo machine review

mast archer tattoo machine review

The mast archer is the best option if an artist is looking for a wireless machine. This machine is a blessing for those who like working wirelessly. We tested it for various factors; we found it very handy and easy to operate due to its wireless working.

This is the most well-known rotary wireless tattoo machine in the typical budget range. It is a stylish, sophisticated instrument with an obvious LCD voltage panel. The LED screen will indicate the operating voltage and your working duration. It comes with a flash drive fast charging wire, two interchangeable handles, and a lovely gift box. It is offered in a variety of colors and styles.

The mast archer is a broadly deployable machine for various tattoo designs compatible with multiple needles and cartridges. We found this machine ideal for healing in a short time.

Product features and specifications

  • Multi-color machine
  •  12 v power motor 
  •  Manufactured by MAST TATTOO
  •  Product dimensions 10.87 x 9.09 x 2.87 inches;
  •  LCD screen

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing battery timing
  • Fast charging
  • Best beginner machine
  • Best machine for price and quality
  • Lightweight
  • Better than expensive machines


  • Battery showing ups and downs
  • Comes with a Scratched screen

Mast Archer tattoo machine buying guide

1. A beginner-friendly 

A beginner-friendly machine is recommended, which is easy to use for any newbie. Usually, these machines come with complete accessories that are compulsory to start tattooing. A device that normally costs 100$ to 200$ works well for an expensive machine. So these machines normally cost you an average price, and you enjoy the quality of any costly device.

2. Easy to cover and grip

A machine with sufficient control gives you the most comfort during the operation. Whether you’re designing a tattoo on a customer’s skin or your own. The strong grip and balance on both sides make a tattoo design accurate. It is a well-shaped and balanced machine that is easy to grip and handy for micro tattoos.

3. versatile

An all-rounder machine used for multiple tasks, we can do shading and tattooing with a single machine. We recommend you adopt a brand that can do various functions with a single device.

4. Compatible with Batteries

Wireless work gives an ease of movement and control, especially during small tattoos. A machine that works without any physical wires, you can move freely.


We are impressed with the mast archer and highly recommend it because this machine performs very impressively within such a low budget.

Its battery works for 7 to 8 hours continuously without brake.

Its stroke length is 3.5mm.


It’s compatible with a newbie and a pro artist. It is high-quality and dependable equipment. It’s a fantastic choice for various tattooing styles and methods because of its versatile characteristics and wide range of functionality. Here, we discuss a detailed mast archer tattoo machine review that includes all the questions you face while selecting the product. We will do our best to help you understand product selection.

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