Cheyenne hawk pen review

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review

Suppose you are a tattoo artist facing bad performance from low-quality machines. We know how it feels to get fed up due to machines’ poor efficiency. We know how bad you feel when any of your clients complain about a bad tattoo, like a tattoo that leaves stains and gets shaky.
Here, we come up with a Cheyenne hawk pen review. We are confident that the Cheyenne tattoo machine reviews will save you time and lessen the chances of any unpleasant experience with a low-quality machine.

the Cheyenne hawk pen review

Cheyenne hawk pen review

Cheyenne Hawk is one of the best machines on the list of wireless rotary pens. The hawk pen is the best option for those who love to make tattoos with pen-style machines. The hawk pen is easy to handle and control, giving comfort as you are writing with the pen.

This pen is compatible with various grips, like 21 mm and 25mm, with cartridge functionality. This machine gives you versatility; you can do a line, shade, and every type of coloring with this hawk pen.

We tested various top-quality rotary pen machines, but this one is up to the marking machine. Low amounts of sound and shaking are evident. The skilled tattooist may so quickly put in long hours of work. The customer will also find this the ultimate comfort because it will take much less time, cause them minimal discomfort, and be done safely.

Additionally, the instrument’s 130g weight and small 25.4 mm x 123 mm dimensions make it feel almost exactly like holding a genuine pen; the simplicity of using this device yields incredibly accurate tattoo patterns. By going through the discussed features, we are confident you will create a perception that Cheyenne Hawk is the best brand.

Features and specifications

  • Rotary style machine
  •  Ease of carrying 
  •  The functionality of roll inhibition
  •  Operate from 6v to 12.5v
  •  4w dc motor
  •  Easy depth adjustment
  •  includes a flexible mode to help with the responsive hit and sewing speed
  •  Double size grips
  •  Movement freedom due to rotary jack

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and a powerful machine
  • Balanced shape
  • Minimal vibration and noise 
  • Ease of usage 
  • Ease of Stroke adjustment 
  • Featured Design and style


  • Include single grip
  • High price product

The thing considers buying a Cheyenne Hawk machine.

A good tattoo machine has qualities that make it reliable and boost users’ trust. Here, we will discuss a few rates and features; if you see the below-mentioned features in a machine, the device is your best choice to start designing.

Reliability and versatility

If you found a machine reliable in working and also doing various tasks at the same time. You can choose that machine. It will also help to reduce your tattoo station investment cost. With a versatile machine, you can do shade and line work with a single device.

Equipment compatibility

A machine that is compatible with various brand products is the recommended one. The recommended machine is a rotary that can be used with different brands of cartridges.

Battery and power supply

Always confirm that the machine comes with a reliable battery and power supply. A good battery mining machine gives long hours of working without pause. Also, reliable quality power supplies make a machine the best choice.

Customer reviews

By checking customer reviews, you can also make decisions. By reading customer reviews, your trust in the product will be enhanced. If you find positive customer reviews, you can select that product unthinkingly.

people also ask

The hawk pen stroke length is 3.5mm

We can adjust the stroke by turning it according to the tattoo requirements.

Its works on 6v to 12.6v.


This article elaborates on the Cheyenne Hawk pen review to help you decide about this best-quality machine. We are excited and confident that you will enjoy tattooing with this machine. You’re welcome for further information.

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