Mast tour tattoo pen review and buying guide

Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Review

With increased market share among tattoo machines, the mast tour also gained fame. But it is challenging for an artist who has never used Mast Tour to trust these pens. We know you’re worried about whether you buy it will prove worth it or not. Here we come with a mast tour tattoo pen review. This review will help you understand the mast pen, and its complete description will help you decide.

mast tour tattoo pen review and buying guide

Mast tour tattoo pen review

We tested the mast pen and found that it is compatible with long working hours and the best machine for lining. This machine is the best product for those starting their journey because of its reasonable price. Who can afford expensive machines? The mast pen is highly recommended. When we begin our setup, first, we buy machines and tattoo station equipment by considering the price. We found this pen the best choice at such a reasonable price. Another good thing is that it is easy to use and provides everything a beginner would need to get started. 

It proved helpful for drawing lines and adding shading. Beginner pens tend to seize skin or skip needles; all of this was eliminated by how the machine is constructed.

Another fantastic feature of this machine is the power supply set, and you can adjust the required voltage quickly and accurately. Mast Tour comes with a complete kit that includes almost everything to start.

Product features and specifications

  • Long life, 3,000 hours working
  • Wjx needles
  • Accurate power supply
  • Smooth hitting
  • Durable machine
  • Customer

pros and cons


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Best backup machine
  • Affordable┬á
  • The right choice for a starter
  • Customer support


  • The ink included is not good-quality ink
  • Late shipping

Mast tour tattoo pen buying guide

Versatile in nature 

Versatility in working makes a machine most favorite. Everyone wants to lessen the expenses of a tattoo station. So, we recommend you buy a multi-functional device. 

Machine hitting 

The machine hitting the body also matters. A good quality machine is always built with quality standards. The soft hitting to the skin makes a machine-efficient one. A soft-hitting device saves you from extra discomfort.

Power backup

 A machine with a reliable power backup is a highly demanded product. A good quality machine consists of a long-lasting battery.

Balanced body

Machine body shape and balance matter a lot to grip a machine. A machine with a well-balanced body shape is highly recommended. A pen style with equal size on both sides makes a firm grip and control over the device. A well-balanced machine is beneficial for small tattoos.


Yes easy to assemble and disassemble, and no prior expertise is compulsory to start with it.

The mast tour pen gives an amazing output in such an affordable price. The mast tour is the best all-rounder machine.

We can operate it a minimum of 4v to a maximum 9v to 11v. The voltage may increase or decrease with the tattoo size and design.


We have reviewed the mast pen, and this detailed mast tour tattoo pen review will prove helpful for you in making the final decision. We found it cheap and best for line and shade purposes. It is also the best option for beginners because of its usability.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with further queries about pen quality and work!

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