mast tattoo pen review

Mast Tattoo Pen Review

We know the DRAGONHAWK rotary manufacturer offers a series of mast rotary pens. For a beginner or an artist who needs to be better aware of the mast pen series, it’s challenging to decide which cell by the Dragonhawk is suitable for a specific task. Among the various rotaries by Dragonhwak, it isn’t easy to determine which is best. This mast tattoo pen review will help you decide on the best pen.
Here, we come with the mast pen review; we will cover all aspects and share fruitful thoughts about the mast pen. After studying this article, we hope you can decide which mast pen suits you. We are also confident that you will get answers to all questions about the quality and features of the mast tattoo pen.

Mast tattoo pen review and buying guide

mast tattoo pen review

As we discussed above, most pens have wide varieties, we discuss above. Here, we will discuss a detailed review of a dragonhawk mast pen.

Our reviews 

The mast pen is the best tattoo pen among the DragonHawk rotary machines we review here. This machine is Beautiful! It is a very durable product, almost in a quality box. Even the box it’s kept in is quite highly durable. There were guidelines included. In short, all you require is to connect to your power source.

This small item is potent, which is fantastic! All those “kits” we had previously bought were made of low-quality materials. Most of the time, a little piece of metal holds the device in position. However, this rotating pen conveys quality even before you touch it! The metal is chilly, heavy, and smooth. We are so excited we got that feeling from the touch! Another fantastic thing we were surprised to find for such a good machine is this price compared to expensive devices.

We use this machine continuously for hours, and it works very efficiently. The pen has the unique feature of being balanced equally from both ends. A balanced pen is easy to carry, and users never tire so quickly; this pen is the best option for those irritated by imbalanced cells. We also recommend you buy a hand grip before using it; otherwise, the machine will slip from your hands and may cause injury.


  • Water resistant machine
  •   Aluminum body and custom power motor
  •   9000 to 10,000 rounds per minute
  •   Advanced Gear System
  •   Pen style, easy to carry

Pros and Cons


  • Allrounder machine
  • Low weight and well-balanced
  • Less price, more functionalities
  • Not get much heated
  • Super quite and less vibration


  • Machine was over greasy
  • Grip is compulsory¬†

Mast tattoo pen buying guide

The mast pen buying guide will help you understand what features to consider in a machine. 


A pen with an ergonomic design is the best pen for tattooing. We recommend you confirm the machine’s shape and design and whether the cell is comfortable. An ergonomic design pen is easy to deploy for any tattoo. 

Needles and cartridges

We always recommend and mentioned above that a pen compatible with various brands of needles is highly recommended. Cartridge-supported cells help to lessen your investments. If you have other brand equipment you can use with a pen, it saves your assets.


The motor deployed in the machine also matters a lot. A good engine always has a high-quality power motor supporting continuous working hours. 


A versatile machine is also a budget-saving product for you. As you know, daily, customers demand different tattoo designs. A device that can perform various functionalities simultaneously is versatile and saves you money. We recommend you buy a universal machine.


The mast pen manufactured by various brands. They offer a series of mast pens. The overall results of the mast pen are amazing and highly demanding products.

The mast tattoo machine working voltage 6v to 9v.

Offcourse the dragonhawk is one of the best brand among the tattoo machines manufectures. Its offers complete range of tattoo machines and equipment.

Yes its a starter friendly machine, you dnt need to learn from any experts before using mast pen.


Choosing the right product for the right job is a blessing. Before making a final decision, consider your requirements and go with the reliable one. Here, we discuss the dragonhawk mast tattoo pen review with a detailed description. This review finds all factors, including pros and cons and features.

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