Best wireless rotary tattoo machine reviews and buying guide

Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

We know working with a machine that has cords is a confusing task. Wires intermixed with each other cause a headache and divert the concentration and control of the device. Who would not love to work with a cordless device? Nowadays, it’s become complex to choose the right product after industry development. With advancements in the tattoo field, almost every brand has started manufacturing wireless machines to survive the competition.

In the presence of many brands, it’s become typical for artists and beginners to decide the best rotary for them. With the availability of various brands, it’s become crucial for users to pick the right machine. If you select a cordless product that does not match other required qualities, an effort goes in vain.

We tested and researched various brands to find the best wireless rotary tattoo machine. We consider all aspects of product quality and consider a few of the best ones. We tested and researched the brands regarding overall parameters, and finally, we could suggest top-quality products. Only some artists try to make their machines cordless, but this is not good practice because well-known brands offer cordless. After testing various brands, only some decided on top-quality brand products. Here is the list of cordless rotary machines. We also review affordable machines. If you are a beginner, you can check it out.

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Image Product Details   Price
backpac Mast Tour-by DRAGONHAWK 1. 25mm grip that supports easy bagging
2. used simultaneously for grey shading and solid packing
3. soft hitting, Needles Depth: 0-4.0mm, and Stroke Length: 3.5mm
4. start from 4v, healing so fast.
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backpac Mummy Wireless Rotary 1. polymer battery,10 hours working, fast charging
2. Speed: 10800RMP, 5 to 12 volts supported motor
3. 3.5mm stroke, quiet operation
4. direct drive, adjustable stroke & needle depth
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cordlessblower Mast Archer 1. LCD display, easy-to-adjust voltage, allrounder
2. CNC carved and aluminum body
3. speed; 10500rpm, 12v
4. 2000mAh battery,8 hours working, fast C-TYPE charger
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10 Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

Here is the list of top-quality, wireless rotary tattoo machines. I hope you will enjoy working with them for years. After these reviews, you will be able to decide and be confident about your choice. Please enjoy this review, which may prove helpful.

Mast Tour -best cordless tattoo machine

Mast Tour -best cordless tattoo machine

This machine comes with a special functionality of wireless power transfer with no need for a physical power cord to run the machine. Mast tour is a newcomer-friendly machine due to its working style and ease of setup. This mast supports wireless working, and this machine is the best for those who love cordless devices.
The last tour is packed in black color, pen style rotary. Usually, it’s compatible with the 3.5mm stroke length. You can adjust it by spinning the machine to increase or decrease the size for your own will—no need to use the foot pedal on a wireless device. This machine does not need a foot pedal if you don’t use the wireless power supply.
The last tour is affordable rotary in price. With such a low price, this competes with other high-price brands we have used for years. After using this machine for six months, I never faced charging issues. It is packed with a battery that works 6 to 7 hours daily. 6 to 7 hours is enough work for an artist.
The most lovable functionality is its silent working style; a powerful Japanese motor inside the machine works without vibration and no loud voice during the operation. This machine works very gently, and the needles hit the body gently and softly. This kit contains one rotary and a wireless battery.


  1. A high-quality motor is packed inside the machine.
  2. A long working battery is installed inside the machine.
  3. Supported with all brands of cartridges and needles.
  4. Jack of all trades product, is much helpful for various tattoos. 
  5. Small packing but works equally to a big one and expensive one. 
  6. For Microblading, this one is the best device but use small needles carefully.
  7. One button speed control, you can speed up or down just by pressing the button and its speed.
  8. In traditional design, this small machine is awesome.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Easy to operate and comes  fits into hands
  • Adorable price
  • A best one starter
  • Light in weight and quite
  • Work equals an expensive
  • Used for lips lining and lips blushing


  • Did not pack with AC adaptor
  • Extra battery expensive
  • Difficult to adjust on slow speed

Solong-wireless rotary tattoo machine kit

Solong-wireless rotary tattoo machine kit

The Solong rotary is packed in a decent design, with a shiny aluminum body and a grooved surface. Due to its style, this pen looks like an actual pen and can do various tattoo designs with a single rotary pen. We found it beginners friendly. It is easy for a newbie to operate and control due to its design and working style. Most people like working without wires directly attached to the machine, so this one is designed for those people; I am one of them. This machine just finished my hesitation of odd wires.
The solong has a high-quality 10wt motor that smoothies with less noise and distraction. The power supply is packed with an adapter and works on 7v to 11v. This machine is equipped with a long working battery. The battery on a single charge works for 5 to 6 hours without any obstruction due to power sinking. This kit includes a rotary, needles, a battery, and a DC power cable.


  1. A strong, durable aluminum body
  2. A rechargeable battery works for 6 hours. It may decrease if you work on high voltage 
  3. A decent design suitcase type bag to put your pieces of equipment 
  4. The builder of the solong gives a 6-month warranty 
  5. Power full as high-price brands  
  6. Wireless working 
  7. A flawless rotary 
  8. Amazing and quick customer service by the brand

advantages and disadvantages


  • No direct wire needs to operate the gun
  • Perfect one for small work
  • Friendly for starter
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and control
  • it’s battery can be recharged with any other brand adapter


  • Not suitable for long tattoos but best for small and permanent
  • Needles along the rotary are not good as a machine
  • It sounds like motor dipping.

Mast Archer-best wireless tattoo machine for beginners

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary-best wireless tattoo machine

The mast archer machine comes packed with an LCD, which helps adjust voltages by displaying it on the screen. This machine is equipped with a button and a display to change voltages. By pressing one button, you can increase or decrease the voltages. 

This machine is beginner-friendly and lightweight; the most advanced thing is a gear system that leads to smooth and amazing results. Few people like to do tattoos without physical wires, so this machine is an amazing option for those people. Suppose wires mix-up is pathetic and hesitant for a user, which leads to loss of concentration on the work, but this one is specially designed for those who love to work with cordless devices. This rotary is 5 inches long and easy to handle and operate.

 The mast archer has a powerful, smooth working motor and a long-lasting battery that works for 8 hours. Another thing I like very much is its fast charger that fully charges your battery in 1 hour. We use this machine for different sessions, and we found it compatible with all types of designs and supported with all needles. The device left no side effects on sensitive skin. This one applies to all kinds of skins. The needle’s length is adjusted to a 3.5mm stroke length for better results. You will get a wireless pen and a fast-charging cable.


  1. The digital display helps to control the voltage 
  2. No wire directly connect to the power supply works wirelessly
  3. Adjust the length by spinning the grip 
  4. Equipped with a powerful motor that works on the desired voltage for different types of tattoos.
  5. Come packed with a long hours working battery with a one-time charge
  6. Get what you paid for. This machine proves its value by its quality working
  7. Supportive customer support
  8. 3 months warranty

advantages and disadvantages


  • No foot pedal required
  • Any cartridges compatible
  • Capable for pmu
  • All in one rotary
  • Cross expectations from a wireless machine


  • Buy needles and other types of equipment separately to start the operation
  • A little expensive but no much as some others

Mummy Wireless Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo

Mummy Wireless Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo

The mummy rotary comes packed in decent design and color, giving the rotary otary a futuristic look. The rotary is beginner-friendly due to its user experience and price. This machine works wirelessly, without any physical cable connection to the power supply. This quality separates this device from others.
I like working without any physical cable. This rotary is best for all people who love working without wires like me. Another key benefit of this device is its direct drive working style, which has no need and is set before starting operation.
The mummy pen has a custom powerful 12-volt motor that works quietly with no noise and not too much vibratory motor. Always use stable voltages to avoid motor burns and any other mechanical issues. A high-quality battery that works for 8 to 10 hours is also equipped. A fast charging adaptor also comes packed with this device that helps to charge the battery in less than 2 hours. This mummy rotary package includes a wireless battery machine and a charging cord.


  1. Best quality battery
  2. Machine mobility
  3. Wireless working
  4. A dedicated customer support 
  5. The Manufacturer of the mummy rotary gives 6 month’s warranty 
  6. Positive customer reviews

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Works with any brand of needles
  • Best for the permanent makeover
  • Beginners friendly
  • Affordable in price
  • Battery life is just up to mark


  • The charger is not fast as described
  • The battery sink even powers off
  • Needs to buy needles and other types of equipment to start working.

Mast Lancer- Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

Mast Lancer Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

The mast lancer comes with a beautiful design and a strong aluminum body. This machine is the best for those searching for the best wireless rotary tattoo machine and a wireless working model rotary. In different traditional machine cords connected to a power source and device, some users feel embarrassed while using such a type; this one is the best option for them, and they enjoy working without any distraction due to wires.

The Lancer rotary machine gives very easy control with a single button on the device, and an LED display shows the voltages. Few people like direct driving and a single-button control rotary. Luckily, this machine fulfills the criteria. The machine has a powerful motor that works on the 10v and has smooth and quiet operation. The battery is also packed, which works for 10 to 12 hours with one-time battery charging. The Lancer rotary comes with two changeable batteries.


  1. Best quality quiet operation and direct drive motor 
  2. Double battery along with rotary 
  3. Digital display and voltage control with a single button
  4. Mobility of machine
  5. Fast delivery of a product by seller and quick customer support 
  6. Lightweight

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Long hours working
  • Small but amazing work
  • Best one at this price
  • Compatible with line and shade
  • reasonable price


  • Need to buy needles, the package does not include needles
  • A little bit expensive as compared to other little rotaries

Mast Tattoo- Wireless Pen Machine Kit Rotary

Mast Tattoo Wireless Pen Machine Kit Rotary

This rotary is a wireless rotary from MAST TATTOO. This machine is ergonomic due to its style and design. It is very comfortable to carry and control during tattooing. The shape of the device is designed very smartly. The device has equal weight on both sides from the center. This machine works very smoothly. Inside the machine, no factor is involved that is not durable or reliable. So there’s no danger of machine damage due to its material. A mast pen is a machine that is an all-rounder, or we can say jack of all trades. For line and shading work, this one is suitable.

This machine gives you the independence of physical wires connecting to the rotary. Wireless work with the device provides excellent control over the outcome. This machine has a smooth motor with no vibration during operation. The battery works for 8 to 10 hours, giving it wireless functions. The wireless mast rotary works amazingly, even at low voltages. This complete kit comes with a wireless machine, a charging cable, different needles, ink, and some small equipment that helps tattooing.


  1. The best quality motor equipped 
  2. No wire is required to give the power to the motor a wireless working
  3. Helpful for permanent makeup
  4. The best quality motor give 
  5. Supported all needles universally


  • Worth the money spends
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Delivered what they advertise
  • Wireless working
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Best backup machine


  • It comes with another color battery
  • Needles leaks
  • some equipment missed that is included in the kit

HAWINK-Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Kit

HAWINK Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Kit

This hawk rotary review will help you better understand this product and other available products. This machine has a powerful motor. It distinguishes it from other brands. Low voice, less vibration, and silent motor working differ. The engine works between 5v and 11v. You can adjust according to your work. The machine’s body is made of aluminum and is light in weight due to its pen-style design and ease of control over the device.

This machine has the best quality motor, allowing you to work wirelessly for 3 to 6 hours. This may increase if you work on low voltage, like permanent makeup work, which requires low voltage, so battery timings work accordingly. This machine gives multiple advantages to its users. It works on every skin type, gives needle adjustment ease, and is compatible with different tasks.
The main benefit of the Hawking wireless machine is its wireless working style, with no need for any cord to connect to a power source. You get needles supported for various types of tattoos, a wireless rotary, a battery, a carry bag for a complete kit, and other small tattoo equipment.


  1. Cartridges directly dip into ink
  2. Silent but powerful motor equipped 
  3. A lithium battery is also installed 
  4. Compatible with different cartridges 
  5.  Versatile in nature, do various tasks with one machine

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Helpful for small design
  • Best one for beginners
  • all-rounder rotary
  • Very affordable price


  • Packed with low-quality needles
  • Got heated so quickly

8Xnet Titan-Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

8Xnet Titan 42mm Grip Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

The Xnet tattoo machine gives many benefits, and users enjoy a comfortable journey experience with this machine. This is a wireless machine, and its wireless working makes it a multi-talented device that helps with fast and best-quality tattoos. The length of the stroke is just love; it works in a pleasant environment with no ink leakage and no pains from hitting the skin. These types of devices are made with quality standards. Almost all artists and customers love to work with these devices. This machine is an all-rounder, beginner-friendly machine packed with amazing features.

The Xnet is packed with an amazing motor that works very cleanly. It does not lose control of low power until a complete turn-off due to a power outage. The engine equipped inside the machine supports up to 12v. A high-quality battery inside the device makes it capable of working wirelessly, and the battery works for 8 hours continuously. An LED screen on the machine shows the voltage consuming the supply of voltages. It’s very helpful to control buttons on the device. In this order, you will get a device, one battery, one extra grip adapter, a wire, a fast charging cable, and a zip-type bag.


  1. Ease of control
  2. The best quality motor installed 
  3. Build with standard quality material
  4. Wireless working style 
  5. Balanced rotary 
  6. Digital display

advantages and disadvantages


  • Soft hitting on the body
  • Direct use
  • Helpful for pros and beginners
  • All-rounder


  • More weight as comparatively


HAWINK-CNC-M-WE-best wireless rotary tattoo machine

It is the best tattoo machine by the rotary manufacturer, hawink. It is packed with an elegant and amazing design and battery load-up. The Hawink rotary has a 2-power battery that helps wireless work for hours. One battery works for about 3.5 hours, but it is a good thing that comes with two batteries. On this machine, a digital screen shows the battery’s remaining power, so we can replace it on time to avoid any distractions in working. Usually, one battery takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.

The hawink rotary motor is designed to consume low power during work. Its engine saves energy consumption. It is the best direct drive, a wireless rotary machine that is easy to hold and operate. This machine’s weight is slightly greater than the few available but not as much heavier. The complete package has an engine, two batteries, and a type cable.


  1. Brand manufacturers promise to make initiates price reductions to give maximum advantages to their users
  2. A display to show the remaining power 
  3. Smooth working power motor installed
  4. Double battery packs 
  5. Customer care support by the seller 
  6. 1-year warranty by its manufacturer

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Battery indicator installed
  • Comfortable to use
  • Smoothly working 
  • Consistent on work


  • Punch forcefully
  • The voltage indicator not showing the right power

Cheyenne Sol Nova

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited Cordless Tattoo Machine

The Cheyenne cordless rotary has two versions. Here, we will discuss Cheyenne Sol Nova 3.5. This machine allows you to work without a cord, with no restrictions on a wire. This machine has a unique feature on a button control system: voltage control through one button. We tested and also used other expensive machines like Sol Terra. This machine comes with advancements in sol terra features. It gives you complete work without wire distractions.

This machine is packed with two rechargeable batteries; one battery gives 5 hours of working time. An amazing thing is double batteries. You can continue your work with the rest if you put one on a charge. This machine is medically approved and safe for operation, with no fear of germs transferring from one person to another due to grips. You get a device, two batteries, and a charger in this deal. Further, you can check out the Cheyenne Hawk pen to enjoy the same functionalities as Sol Nova.


  1. A unique and smart body design  
  2. It takes all types of needles 
  3. Quality material used in sol nova
  4. The balanced weight of the device  
  5. Fast and supportive customer care

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Save much time in setting
  • Fast delivery of the product
  • Performance proves the true value
  • Smooth and consistent work


  • expensive
  • One battery did not perform as well as the other.

best rotary tattoo machine-buying guide 2022

Before choosing the final product, consider a few elements that make a machine unique and efficient for customers. You need to meet the user requirements. For example, a user is searching for beginner-level products, but a pro-level artist can use something other than a beginner-specific-level product. The same equipment needs also vary from user to user; consider these elements while making a final decision. The perfect tattoo machine is packed with all users’ requirements and completes the promise they have committed. Here is the list of aspects that must be followed before buying the best wireless rotary tattoo machine.

  1. Accessories

A machine packed with all compulsory accessories is a perfect choice, especially for newcomers. For beginners, a kit with all the necessary equipment to start the job is the best choice. Almost all beginners are unaware of the accessories, so a kit with all the required accessories is the best.

  1. Weight balance

A well-balanced machine is the best one, which means the weight is balanced from the machine’s center. If the device weight is divided equally from the center, that machine gives easy and perfect control over the pen. Not all well-weighted balance machines in hands do not spin hands. A customer should consider this aspect before moving forward.

  1. Ease of voltage control

Nowadays, different machines are compatible with all tattooing works like line and shading. The voltage supply varies with the working. A device that easily controls voltage with one button is an amazing choice for an artist.

  1. Stable battery 

In a wireless machine, the battery is short-lasting. The machine is not a wireless rotary. A good wireless device always has a long working battery. Always ensure that the battery that comes with the rotary is reliable. Battery reliability and long-lasting are the few most important factor that helps in choosing the product.

  1. Supported various tasks

 A machine that is capable of doing multiple tasks is a budget-friendly decision. If a device is multi-tasking, it saves you extra costs for various appliances. A multi-talented machine cuts your business expenses because, at one price, you get a versatile machine that does the work of a single device. 

  1. Less maintenance machine

A machine that does not need frequent maintenance is the best option for any user. A device that requires care and suffers faults after a few days is a loss of money and time. We also suggest considering the device that requires less maintenance.

  1. Price of the product 

You should also understand the price of pneumonia if you buy a product that is low price but needs to have the qualities you expect. It’s a waste of money; I always prefer quality, not price. If a product with a low price meets your expectations, never go with the cheap one. So price is also an important factor. Never compromise on quality over price. 

  1. Customer feedback and ratings

It’s optional if a customer’s experience with one product’s functionality is unsuccessful. Still, most reviews about the product reveal the good and bad effects. Before buying, check customer feedback and how a machine works for them, then go to a final verdict. A product with maximum buyers shows positive signs about the product. So many users use the product, and its reliability is also a factor for any customer when deciding about a brand.

  1. Warranty 

If a brand gives a warranty for product faults, go with that. Contact their support if you find any defects, and they will replace the unit. The warranty also boosts confidence in the brand.

people also ask

Of course, yes, direct drive machines are best for beginners. No need for setup. Just buy and use it.

Yes, you can use it for line and shade work. Also good for permanent and cosmetic work.

Yes, you can do large tattoos. For large tattoos, more power is required to run the machine. You can work continuously for 8 hours to design large tattoos.

The wireless machine performs very well as others, but it has some good features like wireless working and no hesitation of wires.

No, usually, wireless rotaries come at a reasonable price, but few brands offer high-quality products, so they are a little more expensive than others. The expensive ones provide you with quality work as compared to other brands.

Final words

This article showed you the ten best wireless rotary tattoo machines. I hope you noticed how these different machine brands compete in their unique features and functionalities. The wireless machine allows machine mobility freely. Other factors are also considered in all the above-discussed products. This review will prove a final destination for you. In this review, it would be highly appreciated if you added your experience in the comments. Our top picks are given below.

  • Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit
  • Mummy Wireless Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo
  • Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary

We hope you get what you want, and you’re welcome the next time.

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