Best Rotary Tattoo Machine For Beginners

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine For Beginners

For a tattoo beginner, selecting a better tattoo machine is very challenging. Suppose a newbie purchases any of the tattoo brands that he listens to from a friend and buys it. But it may cause a loss of money or be proven wrong because some devices are designed for the artist level, and a beginner can’t operate those machines efficiently. He may cause serious injury when he doesn’t know how to handle and use it. It’s challenging and crucial for anyone to suggest the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners if he needs to learn its working style and other essential criteria for a beginner. 

 It’s a big deal to choose a product that matches your experience. We know that by choosing, you must be afraid of wasting money and risking inconvenience. Here, we will provide complete details of products that match your experience level and affordable machines. We thoroughly research different rotaries available in the market and come up with the few best ones.

After testing, we found different brand products that prove very helpful for a beginner. These findings will positively impact you and help you find the best one. If you want to buy a rotary for lining, click here.

our top picks

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
dragonhwk- best rotary machine for beginners Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Kit pen-style rotary machine  9.92 x 6.81 x 4.76 inches; 2.12 Pounds Check Price
Hawink CNC-Q2-best starter rotary tattoo machine Hawink CNC-Q2 rotary machine 6 x 3.8 x 1.8 inches; 3.84 Ounces Check Price
Dragonhawk Mast tour -best beginner rotary tattoo kit Mast tour-Dragonhawk permanent makeup, pen style 9.8 x 6.77 x 4.8 inches; 2.88 Ounces″ Check Price

top 10 Best rotary tattoo machine for beginners reviews

Here is the list of the best rotary machines for beginners. I hope it will prove beneficial for you.

1. Dragonhawk-best wireless tattoo machine for beginners

Dragonhawk-best wireless tattoo machine for beginners

Dragonhawk tattoo kit comes in multiple colors. In black, it gives an elegant look. It’s packed with cordless power. It is very comfortable to use a few people, much like wires and direct power supply attached to the device and working; this device is a perfect choice for those people. For a beginner, setting up a machine is challenging. This device is a direct drive and is recommended for a beginner. A direct drive tattoo device does not need any specific setting before starting. This device is straightforward, turning on and off and setting up voltages. It has a power button that can be used to turn it on or off immediately.

Dragonhawk is packed with a motor that is very fast in speed and work and never gets much heated after working long hours. This machine’s motor works smoothly, not making noise or vibrating while working.This device is very safe for all types of skins. It completes your tattooing in a very safe way. This tattoo machine is very handy with all kinds of cartridges. You don’t need to worry about this; Dragonhawk supports all needles and cartridges.

The pen is packed with a powerful battery, which proves very handy to carry it anywhere and work and gives you 6 hours of continuous working facility. I like pens without any wire, and this pen perfectly matches my expectations. The Dragonhawk is packed with pieces of complete tattoo equipment you need in a single kit.


Button: Comes with a single button setting for voltage setup. During the operations, you can adjust the voltage from one button without a foot pedal.
Motor: The Dragonhawk comes with a powerful motor and works in a very quiet environment
Display: A digital display shows voltage capacity, machine voltage, and running speed.
Battery: A battery fit into the machine, and assist in wireless working
Durable: Durability is a key feature of this device. It works for a long time for you.

pros and cons


  • Quality product, built on standards
  • Long hours battery
  • Friendly to use and setting
  • Perfect size & design


  • Come with low-quality ink
  • Not display charging options while on charge

2. Hawink CNC-Q2-best starter rotary tattoo machine

Hawink CNC-Q2-best starter rotary tattoo machine

Hawink rotary tattoo machine comes with a powerful and low noisy German motor. This machine gives you a super look due to its design. It’s designed in a small shape like an actual pen. This device is suitable for all kinds of tattoos, especially very helpful for small tattoos, and is the best starter rotary tattoo machine.
The hawink is easy to operate and has no harm for a beginner. This machine is easy to use and handle because it’s come to fit into hands due to its shape. I love tattooing with such a device, that is lightweight and easy to manage and operate. Another thing is its lower price gives functionalities like any high-priced device. This machine can usually run between 5v and 10v. Trying to provide extra voltage may prove harmful to the motor. We found that this device is suitable for lining. If you do lining on the low voltage, it gives much better results. In this deal, one rotary tattoo machine and one cable are packed.


Power Motor: A powerful motor does quality working
High-quality bearings: Motor bearings give quality work, smooth and clean without any distractions.
High-quality power cable: An RCA cable used to give power to machines. Very fast charging and a direct power cable inside the kit.
Power backup: An electric battery in a machine give you a strong power backup for outdoor work

pros and cons


  • Long-last working
  • No, skin damages
  • Low in price and more functionalities
  • Easy to handle and operate


  • Sometimes power voltage drops abruptly.
  • No warranty and access to parts

3. Wormhole-best tattoo pen for beginners

Wormhole-beginner rotary tattoo machine

This Wormhole machine is durable because it is made up of aluminum. The Wormhole comes with the essential items necessary to start the tattooing. This device is the best choice for a newbie because no extra settings or setups are needed to start tattooing. It is a better choice for a beginner who does not need to buy other products. All products are packed in a single package. This machine is helpful for small tasks due to its design and size. Light in weight, the device is very comfortable to use.

It’s packed without a wire supply. You can use it wirelessly, with a long-lasting battery that helps you work without any wire for 6 hours. This machine is beneficial for various types of tattoos and is packed with a powerful motor that works smoothly and does not make much noise. This machine also works on any conventional power supply. Due to a battery outage, work stopped, but this rotary is also compatible with all power supplies. This package packs a complete kit that includes a pen, power supply, needles, and all compulsory tattoo items.


Wireless battery: the Wormhole has a battery. This device works without any physical connection with the electric pole.
Lightweight: machines fit into hands and make easy grip on the device. Handling this machine gives ease of use and good and clean work.
Silent operation: No noise and vibration of the motor during operations.

pros and cons


  • Easy to set up
  • Work on low noise
  • durable device
  • A very reasonable price


  • It comes with low-quality ink

4. Solong Tattoo Pen-best tattoo gun for beginners

Solong Tattoo Pen-best tattoo guns for beginners

The Solong rotary has a perfect design, is easy to handle due to its shape, and has an ideal grip that makes it easy to use. This device gives you complete control, and you can easily change the voltage according to your needs. This device is durable; it’s made of aluminum and is very light in weight. This device suits all types of tattoos due to its fantastic design and weight. For beginners, this machine is the best one and a perfect choice for permanent tattoos. An artist works the whole day with a lightweight machine very comfortably, while a heavy-weight device user is tired because of its weight and shape.
The Solong machine has a powerful motor that doesn’t get heated much and works smoothly and gently. The engine installed makes less noise and gives better results. This machine is packed with a fast charging cable and a battery that works 6 hours non-stop. This device comes in a bag-like suitcase where, after use, you can put accessories. This package includes a pen, power supply, cartridges, and needles.


A powerful motor: A motor inside the machine compatible with different voltages
Helpful for permanent makeup: Best for permanent makeup and helpful for various tattoos
Fast rechargeable battery: Fast charging battery saves your recharging time and is quickly available to resume working
Easily adjustable needle depth: Needles setup is easy according to tattoo design and depth

pros and cons


  • Comfortable grip
  • Lines and colors well
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Easy to clean and use


  • It comes with bad needles
  • The power supply stops working

5. Romlon Tattoo Kit-best beginner tattoo machine

Romlon Tattoo Kit-best beginner tattoo machine

The Romlon is a new addition to the tattoo market because it has unique features for beginners, and this kit brings something new to tattooing. This pen-style rotary is very easy to set up, and a newbie with no prior experience is required to use this machine. The Romlon is packed with a complete tattoo kit. The size and shape of the device also means a light machine gives you complete control of working. This device is light in weight, and you can also do small tattoos with the help of this rotary.
This tattoo machine has a power supply that gives a stable voltage with no ups and downs. The pack also includes different needles, cartridges, and a complete variety of items used in tattooing. For a beginner, there is no need to buy any extra compulsory parts of the tattooing process, and all items are included in a single kit. This device is a perfect choice for beginners. With such a low price, you get a complete kit.


Ease of use: This device is very easy to use and operate. Its design gives an excellent hand grip and friendly hand handle due to its lightweight.
Lightweight: slightly device is easy to handle and operate.
User-friendly: Very friendly for beginners and every type of skill level person with no need of any previous work experience to do work. Some brands are designed for pro artists, but this one is the best for a new person in this field.
Digital power supply: digital power supply has no fluctuations in energy supply and shows the screen’s voltages.

pros and cons


  • Easy to set up
  • Along with a complete starter kit
  • All in one kit
  • Best for price


  • Packed with low-quality ink
  • The needles that come in the kit do not fit into the machine

6. Ambition Soldier-best rotary pen tattoo machine for beginners

Ambition Soldier-best rotary pen tattoo machine for beginners

The Ambition soldier is packed in a bag-like suitcase, which is very convenient to carry the device anywhere. This device is durable because it is made of aluminum, so it works long and doesn’t break during operations.

This machine has a digital display shows information about the battery and voltage. It is supported by a powerful motor of 10 volts that works smoothly and gently without vibration or noise. This rotary is packed with a short power cable, which saves you time after a battery outage. In 1.5 hours, the plugin battery will be fully charged and ready to work. This device works wirelessly because it’s supported by a battery that works for 6 to 7 hours on one charge.

This device gives an extraordinarily comfortable feel due to its grip and is easy to hold due to its fantastic design. The balance of the machine does not affect the tattoo quality; it helps to focus better on small tattoos. This device supports all types of needles and works with direct drive. No additional settings are required to do a tattoo with this machine.


Work wirelessly: wireless working focuses better on the wire, and the foot pedal required. An electric battery inside the machine gives long hours of working without a cable connection. Wireless working gives more focus and concentration on the work.
Solid build: A strong body made of aluminum, without fear of body breakage or interference in working due to any miss convenience. It makes the process save no harmless due to machine broken during the process.
Motor: A powerful motor is supported on different voltage ranges for different types of tattoos, like line work or color packing. Every type requires different volts for the working.
Working: This machine gives you easy handling and very silent and amazing work without so much vibration.

pros and cons


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Direct drive, easy setup
  • Easy to handle and operate beginners friendly
  • Smooth working, no damage to the skin


  • A slightly heavier than other pen-style machines
  • Issue with cartridges

7. kwadron equaliser – beginner rotary tattoo machine

kwadron equaliser proton rotary

The Kwadron Rotary comes in different colors, but black gives it a unique look. This device is durable and long-lasting because it’s made of aluminum. While working, some machines broke in the middle, but Kwadron is trustworthy. This machine has a powerful motor that runs on 5 volts of power, and its engine has unique qualities; it works without any noise and too much vibration. Along this machine, a power supply is packed, which is very fast and allows users to work without any physical cord—a long-lasting rechargeable battery inside the device. By charging once, we use this for 6 hours nonstop.
Kwadron is a beginner-friendly product; for a newbie, it is straightforward. The device leaves no rashes or spots on the skin and is best for permanent makeup. This rotary is not very weighted, and its stroke length is 3.5mm, which gives better and more comfortable tattooing. This device is a bit more expensive than the other, but its work proves its price. The device is versatile and different cartridges support it. In this complete package, you get a rotary pen-style machine and a power supply, and this package allows you to select different colors available in the market.


Multiple colors: This brand offers different colors, and you can choose the color according to your choice. The Kwadron has elegant colors that give a unique look.
Japanese motor: Comes with an electric motor, supported with different voltage capacities. You can run this motor with different voltages for different tattoos.
Electric Battery: In wireless, you can work without any power connection. Kwadron is assembled with a battery that works for hours after 1.5 hours of charging.

pros and cons


  • Versatile in nature
  • Best for beginners
  • Best for shading
  • Easy to handle


  • Expensive
  • weight

8. Dragonhawk Mast tour -best beginner rotary tattoo kit

Dragonhawk Mast tour -best beginner rotary tattoo kit

The mast tour tattoo machine is the best option for beginners because it’s a direct drive. Just buy and use it. Its price is also very affordable for newbies who want to learn tattooing. The mast tour comes with fake skin for practice to start tattooing. This machine contains a very suitable motor for small tattoos because its minimum voltage is 4.5 volts and a maximum of 20 volts. You must set up or upgrade the voltage to do large tattoos with the mast rotary. The motor inside the machine works fine and does not emit too much heat and noise.
This kit is highly recommended for beginners. It is easy to use because it has a comfortable grip that gives the machine a firm grip. According to our experience, a mast tour is an all-in-one or all-around tattoo device. A unique feature of this device is that it is also compatible with cosmetic tattooing. This device is a versatile rotary. With this, you can do liner, shading, and color packing.
Dragonhawk machine kit includes all relevant items that help to start tattooing. You buy and start work with no additional products you need to buy. This package includes a rotary machine, power supply, and all other products required to start working.


Soft hitting: this machine hits the very smoothly to the skin, giving pleasurable operations. Soft hitting to the skin saves skin from damage and any injuries.
Electric Motor: a high-speed motor comes packed with this rotary.
Battery compatible: a wireless battery-supported device
Versatile: mast tour used for different types of tattoos

pros and cons


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Jack of all trades
  • Newbie friendly


  • No adjustable stroke
  • The battery is not long-lasting.

9. Dragonhawk Extreme-the best tattoo gun for beginners

Dragonhawk Extreme-the best tattoo gun for beginners

The Extreme Rotary is packed in black and red and made of carbon steel. This device is versatile and can be used for different purposes. This machine is very light in weight and suitable for beginners due to its low price. According to our research, this machine is the best for starters at this price; this machine is perfect. This device doesn’t need any settings or setup; buy and work with it. Extreme rotary looks like a heavyweight, but it is very light in weight and easy to handle. Due to its ergonomic design, it is easy to hold and grip. This little machine works like an expensive machine.
This device came with the best quality motor that works very gently on 7v to 9v and different voltages for shading and shading. The machine’s motor never gets heated and has low vibration and noise while operating. This device doesn’t work wirelessly; you must connect the power supply. The device is packed with a power supply or RCA cable connected to a wire and makes the machine.


Steel body: a durable, strong body machine made up of steel. A strong body has low chances of body breakage during work. Steel body devices make the machine safer from damage.
Motor: packed with a motor compatible with different voltages, for small and large tattoos, need to set voltage. This motor supported and worked on different voltages according to needs and requirements.
Versatile: a perfect choice compatible with all types of working and for beginners and high-skill level artists.
Battery: for wireless working, this machine has a battery that is supported to work many hours without wire.

pros and cons


  • Low price
  • Easy to control
  • Best for practice
  • Stroke length is adjustable


  • Not perfect for line work
  • Not recommended for large tattoos sessions

10. stigma tattoo kit

stigma tattoo kit rotary tattoo machine pen

The stigma rotary is a pen-style tattoo machine made of aluminum and comes in black. This device has a powerful 12-volt Japanese motor that works smoothly without more vibration. This machine is very reliable for every type of tattoo because of its design and size. This device is designed as a lightweight, futuristic, and pen-style rotary. This lightweight device helps to focus better on the tattoo design because it is easily gripped in the hands.
This machine is versatile. It supports all types of cartridge needles and supports all kinds of tattoos. It’s packed with two electric batteries, which help you work for 8 hours without any disruption due to a power outage. According to my experience, this machine is the best product due to its low price. No one offers two batteries and a complete kit. The stigma rotary is the best option for beginners because it’s simple to operate, and no additional settings are required to run this machine. This package includes a complete kit and a complete range of mandatory products to start tattooing.


Double battery: stigma comes with a double battery. In a complete kit and other compulsory products, you will get 2 batteries and a machine. One-time, fully charged batteries give you long work hours without physical wires.
Power motor: A powerful motor assembled in a machine works without noise and low vibration, giving an easy and comfortable feel while tattooing.
Versatility: this provides you working in versatile, in another way you can say jack of all traders. This machine supported every kind of tattoo on every type of skin.

pros and cons


  • Quickly customer support from the brand manufacturer
  • Can adjust volts according to the needs
  • Supported with all types of needles
  • Give extra comfort while using because of its pen style shape


  • Need few moments break during working
  • Sometimes make a loud sound
  • Battery ports do not properly tighten.

best rotary tattoo machine for Beginners buying guide

Before deciding on the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners, we tested and used different products, as mentioned above. A few of the concerns are taken into consideration before giving final suggestions. We tried some things accordingly and then decided which was the best for beginners. Here’s a list of some critical things for beginners to consider before buying a rotary tattoo machine.

1. Price

The price factor for a beginner is very much ratable because he is on the learning level, and some people do not need more money to afford costly products before starting their career in the field. We take cost very much into account because our 1st priority is to provide you with the best product at a reasonable price or in another way you can say low price and high-quality product.

2. Safety

Before buying the machine, a beginner should ensure that this device is secure and has no side effects on the body. Any fault in the machine may break needles, which may be dangerous for the body. One artist must consider a rotary machine’s safety and security measures.

3. Balance and weight

The lightweight rotary proves to be very friendly for a newbie. An easy grip gives extra comfort and makes it easy to hold the device, and a tight grip on the machine gives perfect balance and control during work. Before making final decisions, also consider the weight of the machine. It is a lightweight device that is easy to handle and operate. A beginner also feels the importance of the tattoo machine.

4. Material

A machine built with standard material is safe for a beginner or artist. Ensuring the device is made of the best quality material gives many advantages, such as no fear of machine braking during work. Aluminum, copper, or steel body rotaries are the best options available. One suggestion for every tattoo artist: a new one or a high-skill level artist, always ensure the building material is up to mark.

5. Versatile

Always choose a versatile machine. By paying one time, you should get maximum advantages from one device. If you prefer a multitasking device, it means support for all types of tattoos.

6. Compared with traditional tattoo machines

Compare the rotary devices with coil tattoo machines before buying, and compare different features and functionalities and measures like ease of use, comfort to use, and the primary key point of pleasurable means which one is less painful. A newcomer in this profession should also compare these features and choose the best one.

people also ask

Absolutely yes! A rotary tattoo is the best machine ever for beginners. Due to some outstanding functionalities, this machine is too easy to handle, so this one is the best choice for beginners.

A tattoo beginner needs a tattoo machine and all related tools like; needles, ink and sterilization tools.

Mostly for tattooing, use 7v to 10v voltage.

Yes, you can use Vaseline before a tattoo session, but this is not a good idea using Vaseline. We suggest you apply before-care cream for the tattoo session.

Final thoughts

Finding the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners is a challenging task. Your task becomes easy and enjoyable if you find the best reviews and helpful information about different products. We reviewed top products that match your requirements, a few of the best which we recommend the most:

1. Dragonhawk Wireless Complete Tattoo Pen Kit 2. Dragonhawk Mast tour 3. Hawink CNC-Q2

We hope that this review proves helpful to you. You can choose products for your ease. Best wishes and welcome next time.

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