Dragonhawk tattoo kit review

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Reviews

Dragonhawk is the top brand on the list of rotary manufacturers; it’s one of the most affordable rotary machines. We know how important it is to learn more about a well-known brand. With the rapid increase in the market share of the dragonhawk machine, it’s necessary to know about it.

Here, we come with a detailed Dragonhawk tattoo kit review. We will cover all questions about the hawk pen. This review will help you to know the features of the machine and a complete detailed description of the device. It also includes how it works and ways to get maximum output from a pen. Discuss the Dragonhawk tattoo machine reviews considering various factors and the detailed Dragonhawk buying guide. 

dragonhawk tattoo kit review and guide

dragonhawk tattoo kit review

The Dragonhawk pen has everything in good condition, as shown in the picture. The inks included in the kit must be better for human skin use. We recommend that if you do a real tattoo, you need to buy ink for natural skin.

The machine in the kit is fantastic; the cartridges slide without any noise. We had tried various rotary cartridge machines but had never seen such an amazing one. This machine’s needle bar is straightforward to clean, and this machine is short compared to others in terms of needle bar. The needles come packed well and stabilized and are very easy to open. The needle depth is effortless by just rotating the machine. Worked with machine continuously for 3 hours without brake, got warmed up but didn’t get hot so quickly.

The machine has a reliable power supply that does not get heated while the device works. But remember one thing: we are not in favor of continuous operation. We recommend you take breaks; without pauses, the power meter shows ups and downs in the voltage.

This machine is easy to hold because traditional machines are not too heavy. And one amazing thing is its wireless working. This machine lessens the headache of a foot pedal, like few people’s mind doest catch up two side concentration, so this machine is friendly for those. 

Product specifications

  • Dimensions; 11.42 x 9.92 x 3.78 inches; 2.87 Pounds
  •  Manufacturer; DRAGONHAWK
  •  Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  •  Stroke: 3.5 mm
  •  Color; Red

Pros and cons


  • Free return and guarantee by the machine supplier
  • Can be used for all purposes
  • Worth the money
  • Clean lines
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Self-explanatory machine


  • Needles with the kit are also not recommended to use on the human body 
  • Ink is not compatible with human skin

Dragonhawk tattoo machine voltage?

The Dragonhawk tattoo pen voltage usually is from 6v to 8v. Its maximum speed is 10000Rpm while running on the 8v.

 Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine buying guide

You need to follow a few essential things before buying a Dragonhawk pen. Always remember your demands and what styles you want to do with a machine.

When buying a tattoo, you must follow these points

Inspect the machine 

Check out the machine body, whether plastic or aluminum, and inspect the equipment.

Examine the machine characteristics.

Check out the characteristics of a machine before making a final decision. If a machine’s features match your requirements, you can go with that machine.

Asses the entire quality of the kit

Check out the machine’s qualities and whether a device is compatible with various tasks. All equipment with the device is usable and of standard quality according to your requirements. 


The dragonhawk offers a lot of pen-style machines for tattooing. Most of the products by dragonhawk give awesome results.

Yes, the rotary pen can be used for lining as well as for shading.

Yes, it is a better option, can be used for the line as well as for shade.


In this article, we discussed a detailed Dragonhawk tattoo kit review. We hope you found the Dragonhawk tattoo pen review helpful. The kit includes almost all types of equipment; some equipment is up to the mark, and a few are only recommended for practice. For more product reviews and questions, you’re welcome.

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