wormhole tattoo pen review

Wormhole Tattoo Kit Review

Suppose you have heard about wormhole tattoo pens from a friend or an artist. If you want to know more, we will help you. If you’re a beginner and need more knowledge about the complete tattoo equipment, starting tattooing is compulsory. Here we come with the wormhole tattoo kit review, and here we will discuss its features and our personal experience with the wormhole tattoo pen kit. 

As mentioned above, you need a complete machine kit that includes all accessories to tattoo the wormhole. This is the best option available in the market. Here, we come up with a solution to all your possible questions about wormholes and will discuss wormhole tattoo pen review in detail with benefits and features.

wormhole tattoo kit review and buying guide

wormhole tattoo kit review

The wormhole has continuous working functionality and is less noisy and a long-lasting machine. The wormhole complete kit includes all the equipment a beginner needs to start tattooing. In other words, it is a beginner’s rotary machine. This machine comes with a fantastic look and design. We tested this machine and analyzed it based on machine speed, working hours, battery timing, and, most importantly, working quality. This machine is much better than expensive machines.

Despite how terrible synthetic skin is, having it is still better than not having it. The skin inside the kit is incredible but not recommended for use on human skin. It’s a fantastic tattoo pen to start with. It is straightforward to operate and low in weight. However, the power wire connecting the cell to the power source is broken; I wonder if it applies to everyone or just me. It plugs in nicely but easily comes loose, making steady tattooing difficult.

This machine comes with a powerful motor that works at 10V speed. Machine design makes it easy to carry and hold. The wormhole kits include one pen, RCA cord, needles, supply cords, foot pedal, and fake skin.

Product details 

  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5
  • Stroke: 3.5 mm
  • Brand: wormhole
  • Dimensions: 2.56 Pounds; 9.65 x 7.13 x 4.57 inches
  • Size: 107-piece kit
  • Water resistance: yes 
  • Number of pieces: 1 pen includes

Reasons to Consider Wormhole

To briefly understand the wormhole tattoo machine review, you must know its pros and cons with proof.

Best for beginners

Due to its reasonable price, this machine is the perfect choice for beginners. Complete kits include extra accessories like fake skin that is perfect for practicing.

Best for gray and black work

The Wormhole tattoo pen does not line well. It did well with its delicate black and grey work, though. To create smooth, salty colors, we reduced the machine to 3–4 volts, and we discovered that it hits gently and softly, which is perfect for portraits and other realistic works.

Powerful machine

The Wormhole tattoo pen has a 10-volt operating voltage, more than most devices in this budget range. However, we would only try to push small needle groupings with it. However, this machine is designed for beginning tattoo artists practicing more minor works, so you should continue using smaller needle groups. Even after 1.5 hours of tattooing, the engine hadn’t heated up, and the voltage remained constant.

Comfortable machine

This machine works noiselessly and without too much vibration.

Plug and play

This machine is easy to set up. Just buy it and start using it. It is amicable for beginners.

Reasons not to consider it

Not a good ink

The ink in the kit is incompatible with human skin; avoid using it on natural skin.

Needles got loose

Needles got lost, but the overall machine is impressive with this budget.


is wormhole tattoo ink safe for skin? Not a good-quality ink you may apply it but we recommend you avoid using it on human skin.

To protect the machine automatically turned off due to high voltages or due to unstable voltages.

of course, a wormhole pen is good in many aspects like; price, long-lasting, smooth operation, quiet, and lightweight.


Here, we discuss a detailed wormhole tattoo pen review; we cover all necessary information about wormhole tattoo pens. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the wormhole with due reasons. The wormhole tattoo pen kit review will help you to know better about your desired tattoo pen. We hope you enjoy the wormhole tattoo machine review, and You’re welcome the next time for any information about tattooing.

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