how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

How To Wrap A Rotary Tattoo Machine

We know almost all rotary machines come with aluminum or steel bodies, and confusion arises that needs clarification on how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine. A rotary with a steel body is more straightforward to grip by covering it with a tattoo grip. If the device doesn’t gripe into your hands tightly, it may cause severe injuries due to slipping from your hands. You need not worry about how to wrap a tattoo machine. Here, we have a complete step-by-step guide with all the equipment you need to cover a pen.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

There is no strict way to wrap the machine, but here we elaborate on how we cover our machines. Usually, you can cover them without putting needles, but we recommend you wrap them by placing your hands. This approach will help you to take advantage of stroke length. You will get excellent results when you cover by considering how deep the needle will go. To bind a tattoo machine, follow the guide and steps described here. Below, we mentioned the equipment that we need to warp a machine. These include:

  • Grip tape 
  • 2 Hair ties
  • Tattooslip     
  • 3m tape 
  • Napkin

Steps to wrap a tattoo machine

1st cover of the machine completely with a tattoo slipcover as described in the picture. Put the machine into a plastic slip and ensure a tattoo slip completely covers it. Ensure the slipcover does not cover the needle jacket at the endpoint of the machine where the needles are inserted.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

Step 2
Tighten the plastic slip from both ends with hair ties. Ensure the hair tie size is not smaller than the circle of the machine. To tighten the connections, mold the slipcover and tie the hair ties.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

Step 3
Take the 3m tape and lock the end. Here, you also need to remember the whole of the needle must be open and should be wrapped on the end of the pen.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

Take a napkin and wrap over the area covered with the 3m tape. This is optional. If available, then you must use it; otherwise no need. Fold the napkin in width and height the same as your grip and wrap it over the machine, as mentioned above. Before wrapping it, make sure what needle depth you want to adjust and dress it accordingly.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

Step 5
Again, take the 3m tape and wrap it over the napkin. I covered the napkin with video, and no area should remain uncovered.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

Step 6
Take the tattoo grip as shown in the picture. Cut the grip into two pieces according to need. Wrap one piece on half of the pen as shown in the image and wrap the remaining part.

how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine

people also ask

It’s a good practice to wrap the pen to avoid any mishap due to slipping from the hands.

Yes with proper grip and cover you can make any micro design without hand shivering.

Almost all tattoo machines come packed with tattoo grips. Few brands only offer machines but the rest of them offer complete kits and the kits include grips.


This study reveals how to wrap a rotary tattoo machine. By following the guidelines, you can easily cover your device. A well-gripped machine gives you extra ease of control over the device. By wrapping the above-discussed method, you will get excellent results.

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