How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

It’s important to understand how to use a rotary tattoo machine if you’re starting as a tattoo artist and are unfamiliar with rotaries. If you keep using it according to the given instructions, your machine won’t face any failure or breakdown. If you have a high-quality machine, it doesn’t mean that you are a master in your work. To be an artist, you need to use your machine correctly. Try the different machines and check their working styles to know how tattoo machines work. In this article, we elaborate on how to tattoo with a rotary machine for maximum outputs with minimal chances of breakage or any unusual accident.

how to use a rotary tattoo machine

Using a rotary in the right direction is an art. A tattoo owner doesn’t become an artist if he doesn’t know how to make a tattoo with a rotary. As you know tattooing is a sensitive job, more chances of infections if you don’t care about machine sterilization, so keep your rotary clean and sterilized.

A proper guide and steps with explanations are discussed below, by following these steps you can get better results and understand the rotary machine work.

1. Machine position

Set the machine position in the right direction to get maximum results. Grip your tattoo machine tightly like you would a pencil on the needle tube to hold it properly. The device should be in your hands at that time. Remember that the device will vibrate while in use, so avoid applying excessive force and attempt to keep your hand stable. Hold your machine gently in your hands, don’t try to push hard to avoid vibration.

How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

2. Get practice

As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. A beginner in any field doesn’t know how to use it, but with time and by paying attention, he learns how things work. Before utilizing your tattoo gun on the customer’s skin, try it after setting and adjusting all the parts. To acquire a more real tattooing experience, you may practice on fruits like apples and pears, which are comparable to human skin, as well as on artificial skin or pigskin. As a result, you can ensure the device is correctly assembled to prevent damaging the real skin and maintain the proper depth.

How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

3. Right depth

Always adjust your machine to the right depth. If you adjust too much depth, it may cause serious injury. Always set needles depth between 0.04 and 0.08 inches. If you exceed depth, it may cause pain and skin damage.

How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

4. Do not press too much

While doing an operation, do not press too much. It may damage the skin and cause serious infections. Use gently according to needle depth and according to the desired design.

How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine

5. Try on yourself

Before applying a tattoo to a customer’s body, try it on yourself. Applying it on your own skin can feel pain or discomfort due to any fault. This practice helps you to set your machine to a standard.

6. Take short breaks

Take breaks during long sessions to avoid motor burns or any other technical faults. If you take a break while working, this practice helps you concentrate and have a tight grip on the machine.

7. Proper sanitizing before and after operations

Make a thumb rule to clean the machine after and before working, unscrew extra equipment from the machine, and sanitize it to avoid infections. After cleaning the pack into a

8. Pack in a suitcase bag

After using the machine, unscrew its tools and keep the machine in a suitcase-type bag. Never leave a machine uncovered. It may get infected with bacteria, so always pack it into a bag to avoid infections and machine damage.


the O rings in a machine used to control springs and screws.

It depends on your design, but ideally, we use our machine for 7-9 volts

We discuss properly how to use a rotary tattoo machine for maximum benefits. Also, highlight important points and instructions about using a rotary machine. we hope by following the above-discussed instructions you can easily use your machine. So many artists and tattoo enthusiasts use a cream whose ingredients help to minimize the pain during the tattoo session, if you want to know about numbing cream use, you can check out our recent article.

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