how to set up a tattoo machine

Different brands of machines come with different configuration settings. Beginners buy a tattoo gun, but he didn’t know how to set up a tattoo gun. We know how it feels if you buy the machine and need to learn how to assemble a tattoo machine from scratch. Here we come with a detailed study of how to set up a tattoo machine for beginners.

how to set up a tattoo machine

The coil tattoo machine configurations are a little tricky as compared to rotary. The rotary machine comes with the ease of direct drive.

how to set up a tattoo machine

Below, we discuss step-by-step instructions on how to set up a coil tattoo machine. Follow these steps to learn how to put a tattoo machine together.


Take the machine grip and tube, and slide the line into the grip. Tighten the grip to adjust the box into the grip. Use gloves to hold the machine and its pieces of equipment.


If you want to do a line with the machine, you need to bend the needles to avoid popping up of the needles. If you’re going to do shade, then you can put the needles straight.


Slightly put the needles into the tip of the needle and ensure the needles settle down correctly and not popping up. While putting the needles, move the needles slightly to avoid any mishap.


After putting the needles, tighten the machine tube.


Check the machine armature bar to avoid the needles popping up; due to unnecessary popping, needles may go deep, which may cause deep wounds. 


Setting the depth of the needle on a tattoo machine is a crucial part of the machine configuration. As mentioned above, you must select the depth according to your need.

Step 7

After all setting conformations, you need to tighten the machine frame. Make sure the machine is well pulled; it may cause injury if any part of the machine remains loose. So beware of this. It may cause the engine to break or any other unpleasant accident.

Step 8

Take a plastic band and tighten the armature bar to control the popping of the needles. Avoid using too many bands; the machine will become heavy and hard to carry due to excessive bands.

how to adjust stroke on the tattoo machine

What does tattoo machine stroke mean? The distance that the cam or stroke wheel moves in one rotation around the machine bearings.

You can adjust the stroke by rotating the contact screw, and you can change your stroke length. This changes the distance that your armature bar moves. Do you favor rotary machines? Either purchase a rotary machine with a flexible stroke length or many devices with different configured stroke lengths.

The thing to consider while assembling the tattoo machine

As you know, tattooing is a sensitive job regarding chances of infection due to machine and needle sterilization. So it’s a crucial thing to keep the engine and other equipment germ-free. For this purpose, you must be aware of this issue, use all measures to sterilize the gun, and wear gloves before taking the machine.


No for a beginner who did not know about the parts of the machine. It’s not an easy task for him to assemble the coil tattoo machine.

When it comes to comparing machine assembling. Rotary pens are much easy to assemble as compared to coil tattoo guns.

The tattoo power supply setup consists of 5 steps these are:

  1. Power supply plug-in.
  2. Connecting power supply and foot pedal
  3. Connect the power supply and clip the cord
  4. Connect both edges of the cord to the machine 
  5. Test the machine by pressing the foot pedal

Final words

The most important part of the tattooing process is the setting of the tattoo machine; it depends on how you set it up. Tattoo design can be affected due to poor machine setup. Keep the tattoo machine and needles sterilized while setting up the device for tattoo operations. This article helps you find the best ways and to know how to set up a tattoo machine.

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