how to clean a tattoo

How To Clean A Tattoo

We know getting a tattoo design done is not complete tattooing; you have to follow some precautions in terms of aftercare. For this purpose, you need to know how to clean a tattoo. As you know, tattooing is sensitive to infections. To avoid harmful conditions, you must take care of your tattoo and learn how to wash it. Here, we will explain optimal solutions how to clean a fresh tattoo. Further, you can check out our latest article about how to clean a tattoo machine.

how to clean a tattoo

Tattoo artists always try to use all measures to overcome infections, like cleaning tattoo machines and keeping the tattoo station neat and clean. However, we always recommend you stay aware of these threats and wash your tattoo after a specific time. If you take proper precautions, you may avoid slow tattoo healing later. If you want to get rid of a tattoo, check out our recent article about removing the tattoo.

how to clean a tattoo

Follow these steps accordingly to learn how to clean a new tattoo.


Make sure your artist covers the tattoo with a bandage. After the timeframe, the artist suggests removing the application.

Step 2

If you have a tattoo on your arms, legs, or body, wash your hands before cleaning it.


Take some water and moisten the tattoo, but remember that you should never use excessively hot or cold water.


Use antibacterial tattoo soap or foam to clean your tattoo.


Dry the tattoo gently with a clean, dry towel or napkin.


Use Vaseline or an aftercare cream to keep the tattoo moisturized.

how to clean an infected tattoo

If your tattoo gets infected, it can heal slowly. You need to consult with your doctor for proper treatment. You can follow these steps to clean infected tattoos at home.


Follow the doctor’s recommendations and use the prescribed antibiotics and creams.

step 2

Follow the doctor’s general directions.


Wash your tattoos with soft soap.


Repeat this action twice daily if necessary.


Alcohol or hydrogen will slow the healing of the tattoo, so never use these things.


After washing, carefully pat the tattoo dry with a clean finger.


Apply an antibacterial ointment or lotion to the tattoo’s surface.


Replace the bandages as necessary daily.


Yes, you can wash the tattoo with water but avoid using it excessively and do not keep the tattoo wet for long time.

After the healing, we can wash the tattoo. But to keep it clean we can wash it on daily basis gently till complete healing, its may take 2 to 3 weeks.

Use extra skin for cleaning the fake skin tattoos.

Yes after a recommended time, it’s compulsory to wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap or foam.

Gently wipe away any remaining blood, vaseline, or extra ink with your hands. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents on your fresh tattoo.

Use antibacterial soap and water to gently wash the tattoo, and make sure to pat is dry after cleaning the tattoo. Do not place another bandage on top of the Vaseline application; do this twice daily. Before using the antibacterial ointment again, wash the tattoo area several times daily with soap and water.

After the healing, we can wash the tattoo. But to keep it clean we can wash it on daily basis gently till complete healing, it may take 2 to 3 weeks.


We hope the discussed article on how to clean a tattoo helps you to get your infection-free tattoo and fast healing. As you know, when you get a tattoo with all the safety measures of a tattoo station. There will be fewer infections, but this is a sensitive matter, so we recommend you take necessary precautions promptly. Thanks for reading!

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