bad tattoo healing signs

What Are Bad Tattoo Healing Signs

Getting a tattoo is not a big problem, but you need to take care of your tattoo when you get it. Sometimes, tattoos get infected if you can’t take care of your tattoo. People are very worried about the tattoo healing process because they need to learn what are bad tattoo healing signs. We will discuss some bad healing signs for people who are worried about the tattoo-healing process.

7 Bad tattoo Healing Signs

bad tattoo healing signs

Here are some bad tattoo healing signs that you need to know. It’s compulsory to know whether your tattoo is healing properly; if you don’t pay attention later, it may cause bad scabbing and infection.

Tattoo Feels Heat

Getting a tattoo damages your skin and skin cells, and then your body gives heat off to repair damaged skin. 

If you feel hot during the healing process of your tattoo, it is not a good sign, and you need to contact the doctor.

Color on and Around the Tattoo

Having a tattoo causes discomfort to the skin. But the first symptom is that a tattoo is not healing well if the redness extends for days after you get it.

You need to talk with your tattoo artist and doctor and ask them to recommend any ointment or lotion. Only buy cream or ointment after consulting with a consultant. It may harsh your skin. Also, gently wash your skin with warm water or soap and use a towel.

Fluid Emitting from Tattoo

During the first 12-24 hours of tattooing, oozing fluid is common, but if it does not stop, it’s a sign of infection, and then you need to talk with the artist or doctor. 

If you want to avoid pus, you must stop touching your tattoo because your tattoo wound is open, and your hand is full of germs, which may cause infection. Wash your hand before touching your tattoo, and apply the cream or lotion.

Flu and Fever 

The onset of fever, flu, and chills is an alarming sign of infection. It shows that your skin is allergic to ink, and your body starts defense, but still, you need to see your doctor.

Start of Scabbing

Scabbing is normal after tattooing, but take it seriously because it causes infection if fluid is emitted while the skin is heavily scabbed. If the fluid is radiating, you need to consult with your doctor.

Swollen of skin

Skin swelling is normal after tattooing, but if the skin remains swollen after 24 hours, it shows that your tattoo is infected; it’s a bad tattoo healing sign.

Spots and Bumps

If you see any marks outside the tattoo, it shows that your skin is allergic to ink. This shows some spots of different colors on and around your tattoo.

Reasons for bad tattoo healing

Bad tattoo healing problems occur due to the following flaws.

Damaged needles

Sometimes, the artist uses damaged needles on your skin, which leaves scratches. After 2 to 3 days of sessions, you feel blemishes and tattoo lines get scary, which leads to bad healing.

Location of the tattoo 

Sometimes, you get a tattoo on the body part that is not good for healing like other parts. It may delay healing. It may be caused due to skin thickness and hardness.

Keep tattoo covered

Keeping your tattoo covered for a short time may lead to good healing.

un-Sterilized equipment 

Some artists use dirty equipment; the needles get soiled with blood during the session and they keep using them without cleaning them.

Bad Techniques

The tattoo artist’s techniques also cause bad healing. The new artist grips the machine at bad angles, and the machine goes too deep, which also causes bad healing.

Lack of aftercare

When you take care after getting the ink, it may prevent good healing. Follow the aftercare instructions by the tattoo artist. After getting the tattoo, clean it properly. No ink and blood remain on the tattooed surface.

how to avoid bad tattoo healing 

Use antibacterial soft detergent and water to cleanse the tattoo gently, then pat it dry. Keep it wet, but not overly so; don’t let it dry out. Excessive use of ointment may obstruct airflow and delay healing, increasing the risk of infection. Your skin requires fresh air to recover more quickly and fast healing. You can avoid bad recovery by leaving sidearm on the tattoo for the recommended time.


After a few days of getting a new tattoo, if you feel flu and fever.

A badly healed tattoo can be fixed back to smooth healing by following aftercare instructions strictly. For this purpose, you have to get retouching, it’s very hard to get back to the normal position. To overcome this issue you have to properly take care of your tattoo and keep tracking the healing situation.

Never over-moisturize your tattoo, it may lead to bad healing.

It’s Recommended to moisturize a tattoo 2 to 3 times a day till its healing process. You may use specific lotions that are dedicatedly formulated for moisturizing the tattoos.


The client and the artist must take care of tattoos to prevent infection. Artists need to use cleaned instruments, give the client instructions for the aftercare of their tattoo, and let him know about the healing process. The client must also take care of their tattoo and leave tattoos for healing. Please don’t touch your tattoo with uncleaned hands because it may cause infection.

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