how much does a spine tattoo cost

How Much Does A Spine Tattoo Cost

With the advancement in tattooing, tattoo designs and styles also become advanced. The spine tattoo is one of the significant advancements in tattooing; it’s a unique way to showcase your style and personality. We know if you’re a tattoo lover and love getting tattoos on different body parts. But here, your first concern is how much does a spine tattoo cost. With advancements, everything is changing fast; as a tattoo artist or lover, you must know the cost of a spine tattoo. Here, we’ll help you understand spine tattoo prices and give extra tips about tattoo costs and their factors.

Usually, a tiny spine tattoo costs between 150$ and 700$. Some large tattoo designs cost you 200$ to 1500$ or 2000$. Various factors determine the price of the tattoo. Like tattoo design, style, and size of the tattoo. Here, we will discuss how much a spine tattoo will cost and its factors.

How much does a spine tattoo cost 

As mentioned above, its price depends on some essential factors, but a small spine tattoo usually costs you 150$ to between 500$ and 700$. This price may vary up to 2000$ due to large tattoo designs; there are some factors that we will discuss in this article.

For instance, an extra sophisticated layout will cost you more than a simpler one. Everything relies on how simple the tattoo design is and how long it takes to complete it.

Factors that decide spine tattoo cost

The cost of a spine tattoo is dependent on a few factors, including:

Size of the tattoo

The price of a spine tattoo depends directly on its size. Generally speaking, larger tattoos that significantly cover the spine cost more than smaller ones.

Artist rate and skill

Few artists charge extra due to their high skill and experience in the field. Their significant training and expertise make professional and famous tattoo artists demand higher prices. Their services are more in demand since their track record frequently precedes them. Prices will vary with different artists. This depends on their background, training, other talents, and familiarity with tattooing in a specific location. For instance, they typically charge between 125 and 150 dollars for a tiny spine tattoo, 250 and 350 dollars for more significant work, and approximately 500 dollars for massive projects. Everything depends entirely on the tattoo professionals and the fees they will be asking for.

Design and complexity 

The design’s complexity directly influences the price of a spine tattoo. Costs may increase because complicated, elaborate layouts require more patience and expertise.

Ink and machine quality

The machine and ink used on a tattoo also decide the price of the tattoo. The higher quality ink and machine directly impact the cost of the tattoo. When tattooing, ink is critical. A colorful item would be more expensive than one with only a few black lines. Also, high-quality tattoo equipment may affect the price.

Tattoo Station Environment

 The most underrated factor is the tattoo station environment. While you get ink in a clean, air-conditioned environment, the artist charges more to overcome the station environment.

Tattoo color

If you choose a simple black tattoo, it will cost you much less than any colored tattoo. The colored tattoo required vivid colors or complex shading. So, the colored tattoo increases the tattoo cost.

Location of the tattoo artist

The tattoo artist’s location is also another factor in deciding the cost. Tattoo artists far from cities cost very little because they have fewer expenses for living and managing a tattoo station.

Time to complete a spine tattoo

In some cases, the artist or customer demands the hourly rate; in such cases, the price affects the time spent on a tattoo.

Tip to the tattoo artist 

In some countries, customers give an extra tip, about 20% of the total cost. So, while deciding the price, consider the tip concept in mind.

How much does a half-spine tattoo

The half-spine tattoo typically costs 200 to 500, depending on the tattoo’s size. The tiny tattoo costs 125$ to 150$, and the large tattoo costs 200$ to 500$.

How much does a total spine tattoo cost

A full spine tattoo costs you from 500$ to 1500$ or more. It is also very with the tattoo size of the tattoo.

How much does a black spine tattoo cost

A black spine tattoo costs you less because it only draws lines and uses simple ink. No extra colors are involved in it. It costs you around 400$ to 800$.

How much does a colored spine tattoo cost

The cored tattoo typically costs between 700 and 1000$. The small colored spine tattoos cost you 200$ or more.

How much does a dragon spine tattoo cost

The most expensive spine tattoo is the dragon spin tattoo. It costs you 500+ for a small tattoo. The average price of a giant dragon spine tattoo is about 2000$. 

How to reduce or save spine tattoo costs

Here is the guide to saving your costs on a spine tattoo

Research in the market

Research the market, finding artists charging less comparatively and offering quality work. Remember, never compromise on quality over price.

Consult with artists

Consult with artists and discuss your tattoo design with them. They will guide you and give you an accurate price estimate.

Wait for sale offers.

Some tattoo artists only offer sales during the off-season, so we advise you to take advantage of offers.

Choose a low-price design.

You can choose the low-price tattoo design if you have a low budget. Small tattoo designs usually cost you less, so consider taking small ones.  


Due to the large number of nerve endings and close closeness to the bone, tattoos on the spine are often thought to be more painful than tattoos on other parts of the body. The feeling of pain might vary depending on the individual’s pain threshold.

Small tattoos take about 20 minutes to complete, but big tattoos take several hours.

Yes, back tattoos are comparatively expensive. If you cover the whole back, it would cost you more than other tattoos because it involves more pain as compared to other tattoos due to bones.


A spine tattoo may be a powerful and eye-catching way to express oneself. It’s crucial to remember that each tattoo artist sets their specific pricing depending on numerous aspects such as expertise, competence, and location when considering the entire cost. The price of the tattoo is also influenced by its size, degree of intricacy, color, and location.
Consult with many respected tattoo artists before deciding on a spine tattoo to get price quotes and ensure the artist’s aesthetic matches your goals. To determine their dependability and degree of expertise, look at their résumé and client testimonials.
Here, we discuss how much does a spine tattoo costs. If you have further queries about tattoo pricing, please contact us. Thanks for reading!

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