how to make temporary tattoos last longer

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

We know in these times, everyone tries to get a tattoo at a low price or a lower price, so getting temporary tattoos is cheaper than permanent ones. There are several other reasons for getting temporary, like if you are an employee in a company and your company doesn’t allow you to get tattoos. With such restrictions, some people get temporary tattoos for special occasions like; Christmas or on the eve of Easter. Another main reason is tattooing pain, few people get rid of needle pain and choose temporary tattoos. Another benefit is; temporary tattoo removal is easy compared to permanent tattoos.

Here we will discuss how to make temporary tattoos last longer, and this approach will help you to lessen your cost of getting new tattoos. 

how to make temporary tattoos last longer

Usually, temporary tattoos last 5 to 7 days long, while a few brand’s tattoos may last up to 2 weeks. You can use several methods to avoid premature peeling, fading, and cracking of your temporary tattoo. Increasing the lifespan of your temporary tattoo starts even before it is placed! After your tattoo has been inked on your skin, there are further suggestions and techniques you may do to prolong its validity. The temporary tattoo brand and application method must also be considered because they will impact how long it will remain on your skin.

how to make temporary tattoos last longer

To make your tattoo last long, you must follow the techniques below to get maximum output.

Tattoo placement

Friction is one of the leading causes of temporary tattoos peeling off after a short period—for instance, clothing rubs against tattoos. Additionally, when we shower and wash our skin, we expose the tattoo to water in addition to merely massaging it. Friction irritates temporary tattoos.

Thus, we advise placing tattoos with a small degree of friction. Consider whether a possible location is open to conflict while choosing where to place your new tattoo. If so, reconsider the placement proposal; if not, move forward. Hands, for instance, feet, inner thighs, inner bicep area, stomach, and so forth, are high-friction areas.

Avoid places mentioned above that have a maximum fraction of other body parts.

Tattoo application

Apply tattoo on dry and clean skin

Draw tattoos on clean skin and not overly-moisturized skin. This will ensure that the tattoo adheres correctly to your skin. Rub the area clean with rubbing alcohol before applying.

Cut design properly

Cut out the pattern as precisely as you can for a cleaner appearance. Glue is frequently used around the design of temporary tattoos as well. It will therefore seem glossy on your skin.

Press the tattoo

Apply the tattoo tightly to your skin without allowing any space for air to form.  Once the transparent plastic covering has been removed, try not to move it or pick it up. You may adhere to your skin less effectively than this.

Wet thoroughly

Wet your tattoo properly; otherwise, your design will not print correctly. Swab the tattoo with a cloth until it becomes completely transparent. While doing this, try to keep the tattoo as motionless as possible. It might rip if it moves around too much. There is no need to hurry; wait 30 seconds after the tattoo completely dries before removing the backing paper!

Sealing tattoo

Sealing your temporary tattoo after application is one of the most crucial things you can do to extend its lifespan. This guarantees the tattoo adheres to the skin and remains there for several weeks or more. Here’s how to protect temporary tattoos.

Use powder

To seal the tattoo, apply baby powder. The powder will absorb all the extra oils, moisture, and ink, guaranteeing optimum drying and skin stickiness.

Use hair spray

Use hair spray to set and seal the tattoo once it has been placed and dried. Spray a small layer of hairspray on the tattoo from an angle of 12 to 16 inches. Apply baby powder or another much superior dealing effect before the hairspray. Hair spray works great for temporary tattoos, at-home tattoos, or even tattoos done with Sharpies.

Use liquid plaster

Use a liquid plaster to completely cover your tattoo, making it more durable and water-resistant. The liquid bandage will increase the tattoo’s durability. Although it may be used for any temporary tattoos, transferring temporary tattoos and marker tattoos work best.

Don’t scrub

Do not directly apply soap or body wash to your tattoo. This might cause the ink to degrade and reduce the durability of your body art. Do not scrape it or use cleansing agents on it. Additionally, avoid touching the tattoo until it has completely dried.

Protect from sun 

Frequent sun exposure might speed up the disappearance of transpiration from your temporary tattoo and cause it to break down prematurely. Your tattoo’s lifespan may be shortened by one of these problems.   


Ensure the temporary tattoo dries entirely on the skin after placing it. Clothing, creams, and lotions must be kept away from the temporary tattoo since they will harm it.

To preserve the temporary tattoo and remove extra oils from your skin, dust it with powder. For the duration of the temporary tattoo, apply this once daily with a delicate brush, and it will stay longer than you would have anticipated. 

Things avoid making temporary tattoos long-lasting

Mostly tattooists are worried about how to make temporary tattoos last longer but we don’t consider the don’t or things that are compulsory to avoid. We have covered everything you need to do to extend the life of your temporary tattoo in the sections above. But we also need to discuss the Things to avoid:

  1. If you want your temporary ink to endure longer than two or three days, avoid friction, rubbing, contacting, and cleaning the tattoo.
  2. Avoid using hot water when taking a shower. It will cause the tattoo to disappear right away. Use moderately warm water instead; coat the tattoo with petroleum jelly for better protection.
  3. Avoid putting lotion or sunscreen on the tattoo or in the immediate area of it. It would be best to remember that this is only paper ink that has been transferred to the skin; it is not a genuine tattoo. Therefore, applying anything slippery to the tattoo will only hasten its removal. Additionally, spreading any solution requires rubbing it into the skin, which speeds up the tattoo’s fading and removal.


Usually, a good temporary tattoo lasts 5 to 7 days. A few brand’s tattoos long last 15 days, but it depends on the body’s position and due to fewer fraction areas. 

Yes, it is an effective method to use hair spray to make the temporary tattoo last longer.

You can make temporary tattoos long-lasting by using a permanent maker; by drawing them over with a market, you can make them permanent for some time.

Avoid getting temporary tattoos since they could give rise to skin allergies. temporary tattoos can cause allergic responses like rashes and blisters and corns as well as long-term problems like scars. 


Temporary tattoos are the best approach to see how a person well permanent tattoo looks without bearing any pain. Temporary tattoos have the most significant advantage: you can change your design layout every 2 to 3 days without tattoo removal pain.

In this article, we studied how to make temporary tattoos last longer. Following the above-discussed methods, you can make your tattoo last longer for several days. We hope this article helps you and positively changes your temporary tattoo life span. If you have further queries, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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