How Long To Leave Saniderm On Tattoo

After getting the tattoo design, you still need to complete the process. A complete tattoo passes through a circle and then comes to an end shape. After getting a tattoo, we know the biggest challenge is to take care of it until it completely heals. Tattoos get infected too quickly if you do not look after a tattoo properly. If a tattoo is left in an external environment most of the time, there are most likely chances of getting infected or fading.

Most tattoo artists are advised to use saniderm for better results and smooth healing. Here, we develop the proper methods and will address how long to leave saniderm on tattoo. You can check out our recent article if you use Aquaphor on tattoos and saniderm.

What is saniderm? 

A bandage is used to cover the tattoo to make it secure from fading and infections. Typically, it’s designed to be waterproofed, and oxygen or other gases can pass through it. The main concern of using saniderm bandages is to avoid cross-contamination and bad tattoo healing.

how long to leave saniderm on tattoo

You can keep the sidearm on a tattoo for 4 to 5 days or at least 24 hours; you need to change the bandage every 24 hours or after a minimum of 8 hours, depending on the tattoo’s healing. As your tattoo heals, stop using saniderm. The period of the saniderm for every tattoo varies for a tattoo that exudes blood. Please change the bandage early.

How Long To Leave Saniderm On Tattoo

You usually need to change the saniderm bandage after 24 hours or while it gets loose, or you can keep or remove it according to the tattoo situation. If you feel blood under your application, replace it with a new one. We are compulsorily advising you to change the badge after 24 hours. If the bandage is clean, you need to change it forcefully. It’s also recommended to clean the tattoo; if blood or plasma spreads over it, clean that area. Use Sanibalm to keep your tattoos moisturized.

Application layers of saniderm 

The application duration of saniderm is divided into three categories. 

1st Saniderm bandage application

The first bandage is advised to stay on for 8 to 24 hours. This approach will help you to clean the tattoo. It will remove the extra ink and blood from the tattoo site. 

2nd saniderm bnadage application

After removing the first bandage, clean your tattoo and apply the 2nd bandage, which will remain long for 3 to 6 days. During this time, if you feel extra blood or plasma, replace it with a new one.

3rd saniderm bandage application

The third application is unnecessary for every tattoo, but you can apply the 3rd bandage according to the tattoo healing situation.

How to apply Saniderm 

To get optimal results, you need to know about its application methods. Here, we will discuss simple techniques that help you to enhance your performance. Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply the bandage.

Clean the tattooed area:

Before applying saniderm, make sure that you have cleaned the tattoo with antibacterial soap or lotion. Cleaning the tattoo area makes the tattoo clean, and no blood and dirt remain on the tattooed site.

Cut the bandage:

Cut the bandage according to your tattoo size; never cut less or more than the tattooed area. Left one or less than an inch spare around the tattooed area. Otherwise, the edges will get wet and tear off quickly.

Cut the extra edges of the saniderm:

Trim or cut the extra edges of the bandage, and make the application interrupt-free from the fractions with your clothes.

How does saniderm work?

As stated above, the saniderm functionality protects your tattoo from the external environment. It allows the passage of fresh air through the bandage. It covers the tattoo and helps in better healing.

saniderm helps to lock your body’s natural environment, protecting it from scaring and scabbing during the healing process. It also protects from unwanted germs and other infections. You don’t need to use any other aftercare product using Seniderm; you can take a bath without hesitation. 

saniderm aftercare

After removing the saniderm, it is compulsory to follow the aftercare instructions to overcome any mishap. Follow the regular tattoo aftercare after the bandage removal, and clean and dry your tattoo. It would be best to moisturize your tattoo regularly; remember never to over-water because it will lead to a long healing process. Excessive moisturizing practices make your tattoo open to infections, so avoid over-moisturization. For better healing and saniderm aftercare, follow the instructions below.

1. Wait for the proper healing; do not panic about your tattoo healing. It will take weeks for appropriate finishing.

2. don’t pick up the scabs and scratches on the tattoo; try to avoid touching the tattoo without gloves. Avoid the tattoo excessively from water until the tattoo gets proper healing.

3. Don’t wear tight clothes. Use loose and soft clothes if the tattoo is on the covering area of the body. Cover the tattoo adequately and avoid direct sun exposure. Otherwise, half-healed tattoos will fade.

4. It’s advised to avoid drinking alcohol and taking antibiotics during the healing stages. It would be best not to take antibiotics and alcohol before and after getting the tattoo. Other these practices will make the healing slow down.

How to remove saniderm

Removing saniderm from a tattoo requires only a gentle and soft touch; if you wrap it gently, it will cause minimal pain.

1. Clean your hands before touching it; use antibacterial soap or lotion to wash your hands before removing the bandage 

2. Pull gently from one edge of the sidearm; if you pull it from all sides, you may suffer pain and discomfort. So, take your time to pull the bandage. Go slowly and wrap it off entirely with patience.

3. you can use warm water mixed with an antibacterial solution like Detol. Wet the sidearm and wait until it gets wrapped in itself, then remove it slowly.



If sweat is pooled under the saniderm, we recommend you remove the saniderm and adopt traditional aftercare methods.

It’s not a big deal, or not any sign of danger if the bandage comes off early? Check the tattoo position. If required, apply the new application.

It is best practice to keep your first bandage for 24 hours; it’s not advised to warp it forcefully.


How long to leave saniderm on a tattoo depends on the tattoo healing situation. Every tattoo has a different nature, so there is no rule of thumb about bandage duration. To get the effective and best results, always follow the above-discussed methods and also follow the artist’s advice about it.
We hope you get the idea and understand the aim behind this article. You can contact us without hesitation if you have more queries about Saniderm. Thanks for reading!

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