how to sleep with a new tattoo

How To Sleep With A New Tattoo

After getting a tattoo, the main concern is its care. If you sleep without proper care after getting the tattoo, you ruin your tattoo. Sleeping with a new tattoo requires adequate care and instructions. Follow the instructions to ensure your tattoo is not damaged; results will differ from expectations. We know you are worried about it; you don’t need to worry about it. Here, we come with the proper guide on how to sleep with a new tattoo. If you are a tattoo beginner, you will learn here about taking care of your tattoo at night.

We know it’s a problem for you to sleep with a new tattoo if your tattoo is on your shoulder or your back. Tattoos on the parts that primarily interact with the bed while sleeping need extra care during sleeping.

How To Sleep With A New Tattoo Safely & Comfortably

How To Sleep With A New Tattoo

Getting a new tattoo is a unique experience; its care is essential, especially in the first few days before it heals properly. Here, we provide tips and instructions to sleep with your new tattoo.

Prepare tattoos for sleeping

Preparing your tattoo before sleeping for a comfortable and painless sleep would be best. If you do not make it ready for sleeping, you may face discomfort and pain at night. Here are a few steps to get your tattoo ready for a comfortable sleep.

Moisturize and clean your tattoo

Clean your tattoos according to the artist’s recommendations. If he advises you to use soap, then use soap, but apply gently. Moisturize your tattoo with the recommended lotion before going to sleep.

Wear loose clothes

Wear loose clothes to avoid interaction with the tattooed area. If you wear tight clothes, your tattoo will get damaged with frequent fractions of clothes.

Sleeping position

Before sleeping, consider your sleeping position and avoid tattooed area interaction with your sleeping bed.

Avoid putting pressure on tattoo

Sleeping in the opposite direction of your tattooed body part. If you sleep on the tattooed body parts, the tattoo will swell and may fade.

Use a pillow and cushion

Keep your tattooed area up by using a cushion. If you feel swelling, keep that part up with the pillow or cushion. Keep your tattoo up on the pad if you feel pain and gravity in your tattooed area.

Tips to sleep with a new tattoo

Here are a few helpful tips to sleep comfortably with your new tattoo without harming it.

1. Change bed sheets

It’s recommended to exchange your new bed sheets with old ones. You need to wash the sheets if your tattoo touches them. Let’s use old ones so that you can throw away old ones.

2Take a shower

Take a shower before sleeping, but keep in mind to avoid direct integration of water with a tattooed area and take short showers. If you shower for a long time, pouring water on your tattooed site may cause infection or harm.

3. Consult with a tattoo artist

It’s advised to consult with your artist about its care for sleeping. If they wrap the tattoo with you, you may need less maintenance than an open tattoo. But remember, you need proper care in both cases, so talk with your artist and follow instructions.

4. Take 8 hours of sleep compulsory

If you are not a sleep lover, you must sleep adequately to help heal your tattoo quickly. Proper sleep during your new tattoo’s first 6 to 7 days is recommended.

5. Keep the wrap on 

Almost all artists send customers back home with a wrap over the tattoo. It’s advised to keep your tattoo warped the whole night. This approach will help protect your tattoos and bed sheets from ink and blood in case they hurt your tattoos.

6. Use a clean towel or wipes

Clean your tattoo with antibacterial wipes and a clean towel while cleaning it. Keep this thing with you while traveling.

7. Sleep alone

If you have a partner, try to avoid sleeping with them. During the rest, unintentionally, they may hurt your tattoo. If your partner sleeps deep, it’s more dangerous for you to sleep with them.

8. Keep your pets away 

After getting a tattoo, keep your loved one’s pets away from your bed or room if they have a habit of sleeping with you. Pets harm new tattoos because they may harm your tattoo with scratches or licks. The pets get the smell of blood very quickly, and they may lick with their tongue, infecting your tattoo with germs.

9. Keep Clean and cool your room

Keep your room clean and relaxed for a comfortable sleep. If you get your tattoo in the hot season, then it’s compulsory to keep your room temperature under 24. In summer, there are a lot of chances of tattoo infection due to sweating.

How to sleep with an infected tattoo?

Sleeping with an infected tattoo is almost the same as a fresh tattoo. But it would help if you cared more than a regular tattoo for an infected one. Use the opposite side of the tattooed area to sleep and follow the instructions, like a fresh tattoo.

How to sleep with a peeling tattoo?

During the peeling phase, the tattoo required care but less than a comparatively fresh tattoo. Follow these instructions before sleeping:

  • Wrap off the sidearm layer.
  •  Keep your tattoos open.
  •  Use lotion until the skin returns to its original condition.


It depends on you; if you sleep deeply, we recommend you to warp your tattoo before sleeping. Most artist recommends keeping it on 24 hours during the recommended days.

Yes, extra sleep helps in fast healing and recovery. The artists and doctors primarily recommend taking rest seriously because wounds recover during sleep.

It’s not a matter of worry. You remember not to warp it more and keep your tattoo open the next day.


Even when you go to sleep, you still need to take care of your freshly acquired tattoo. A healthy sleep schedule is crucial to recovery. You may ensure a relaxing and healing-promoting sleep experience by being aware of the stages of healing, adhering to pre-sleep care routines, selecting the ideal sleeping position, and being careful with your mattress and clothes selections. Always keep in mind that your determination and patience will pay off with a healed tattoo that is beautiful and that you can be happy to display for years to come.

In this article, we discussed how to sleep with a new tattoo. We hope you get the idea and aim of this study; if you have further questions, you can ask in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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