How To Cover Tattoos At Work

How To Cover Tattoos At Work

Why do we need to cover a tattoo, and how to cover tattoos at work? Usually, covering a tattoo has two aims: protect a new tattoo from getting infected and 2nd one is cover an old tattoo to hide in place from your boss. After getting a tattoo, the main concern is to take care of it till its proper healing. If your tattoo is healing, you need to take care of it while going to work. If you take care of it at work, you will get better results in healing. Taking care of a tattoo is essential if your working environment is dusty or open, like working in workshops. 

We know you are worried about it; how do you fade a tattoo? We have the proper guides and methods to protect and save your tattoo from infection. Typically, we cover tattoos at the workplace or in important meetings or interviews. Covering the tattoo before going to work is essential; if you follow these instructions, we hope you will get the proper healing results and an infection-free tattoo.

how to cover tattoos at work with or without makeup

Covering tattoos to prevent infection and unwanted results is compulsory. Here, we cover the tattoo for two aims. The first is new tattoo healing, and 2nd one is protecting the tattoo to hide it from the public in the workplace. Here, we will discuss how to cover tattoos for work, like hiding from people and covering fresh tattoos for proper healing.

How To Cover Tattoos At Work

Covering a tattoo for work has various methods, including with makeup and without makeup. A few of the best ways to hide a tattoo are discussed below.

1. Choose clothes wisely

If you want to hide your tattoo from the public or for healing purposes, you can wear clothes according to your tattoo place. If you have a tattoo on your legs, it is recommended to wear full pants. If you get tattoos on your sleeves, then wear full-sleeved shirts.

If your tattoo is fresh and not properly healed, it is advised to wear loose and soft clothes and hide that area with clothes. You can wear suitable clothes to conceal your tattoo, but remember to wear soft and flexible clothes for a fresh tattoo.

2. Wear socks 

If you have a tattoo on your ankle or foot, wear invisible soft socks to hide it from the public or for its healing protection. Using long socks also helps you cover the upper foot and ankle tattoo.

3. Use cover-up sleeves

If your uniform is half-sleeved, hiding your tattoo from your strict boss is essential. You can use cover-up sleeves according to your uniform color. Using full-sleeved clothes is difficult; you can cover your tattoo with sleeves in summer.

4. Use makeup or concealer

Use makeup to cover your tattoo on many visible body parts, like the face, neck, and hands. Many concealers that cover tattoos for special events like meetings, interviews, or weddings are available in the market. Ladies can hide the tattoo with a makeover like face powder, but for men, concealers are recommended.

5. Long hairs

Adopt a hairstyle according to your tattoo design if your tattoo is on the neck or back of the ears. For ladies, it helps to cover the chest, neck, and upper back tattoos with hair. Make your hairstyle accordingly; this approach may help protect your tattoo. 

6. Jewelry and accessories

Use jewelry and accessories like a watch and rings to cover the tattoo. If your tattoo is on your finger, you can cover it with a ring, and a wrist tattoo can be covered with a watch or bracelet. Women can hide their neck and chest tattoos by using necklaces. Remember, this technique is helpful for small-size tattoos. 

7. Use long shoes

You can use long boots to cover your ankle tattoos. Use used boots; new ones can irritate your skin or damage your tattoo healing. If you use long boots during the rally, it’s advised to cover the tattoo with a bandage. This technique is helpful in winter and is best for fully healed tattoos.

8. Fake injury

Warp your tattoo with a bandage to show that you have an injury. You can wrap the application on the hands, sleeves, and legs. This method is for a short time but helps cover the tattoo for one or two days. Remember, do not wrap the bandage tightly if your tattoo is not fully healed.

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There are two conditions; in these conditions, covering a tattoo is compulsory: 1st, if your tattoo is new, and 2nd, your workplace policies regarding tattoos. If you get a new tattoo that is not healed properly, you need to cover it at work. Another tattoo covering condition is your office or workplace policies, your boss’s attitude, and strictness.

Apply concealers with a makeup brush or sponge. Apply gently until the tattoo hides completely, finish it as the skin looks natural, and use powder to avoid smudging.

Do not use concealers or makeup to cover a new tattoo. This practice will damage your tattoo healing process; the tattoo will get hurt.


Covering a tattoo to hide from the boss and covering a new tattoo from getting infected are two different things. Covering a tattoo for safety is simple, but covering tattoos at the workplace requires many hidden tricks. The best way is to cover tattoos with clothes, like sleeves and legs, which are easy to hide. Covering a properly healed tattoo has no side effects, but do not try to use makeup on new tattoos.
This study discusses how to cover tattoos at work; if you have any queries, please get in touch with us. Thanks for reading!

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