How To Set Needle Depth On A Rotary Tattoo machine

How To Set Needle Depth On A Rotary Tattoo Machine

In the tattooing process, knowing how to set needle depth on a rotary tattoo machine is as important as other machine setups. The tattoo needle must puncture just the surface levels of the skin. The needle should not go into the second layer. Getting the needle depth perfect is crucial because if it’s too deep, the receiver could experience extra discomfort. It requires experience and understanding of the various skin types to determine the proper needle depth. The ideal way to understand the tattooing process is to serve an internship with an experienced professional.

how to set needle depth on a rotary tattoo machine

There are a few steps to set the needle depth. Just follow these steps and implement them step by step to get the right idea about how to put a needle in a rotary tattoo machine.

how to set needle depth on a rotary tattoo machine

Learn about the tools and needles.

Learn how to adjust needle depth on a tattoo pen. First, you need to understand the tattoo machines and needles used in tattoo machines. It would help if you learned as much as possible about tattooing and the tools used before you try it. Participation in an internship where you may pick up tips from an expert is the most excellent approach to learning how to set tattoo needle depth.

Assess skin thickness

Understand the physiology of the human body in regard to tattooing. The essential understanding is how deeply you should set the syringe. Tattoo needles can puncture the skin’s top surface, the outer layer of the skin, but not the deep layer, which is the inner layer of the skin. It would be best if you learned about how to assess different types of skin and also need to learn about assessing skin type on different body parts.

Take needles out of the box.

Take the needle out of the sterilized packing, then carefully bend it into a tiny arc. Take the needle out with maximum care, never touch it with dirty hands, and always use clean and sterilized gloves to carry needles.

Needle insertion

While coming to the stage of needle insertion, a question arises: how to put the needle in a rotary tattoo machine? First of all, gently put the needle via the front, attach it to the tattoo gun’s handle, and grip the tattoo machine at the top and bottom. Insert needles gently, keep rotating accordingly, and ensure that needles are placed well and not touching the walls of the machine. During needle insertion, keep in mind how much the needle sticks out.

Setting up the needle tube

When you push the tube up and over the tattoo needle to install it, ensure the tattoo needle tip does not make contact with the sidewalls of the needle tube. Never posh hard to insert; gently push the needles to avoid any inconvenience.

Turing the bar to lock needles

Place the needle tube so that the needle comes out just a bit. To secure the needle tube and determine the needle depth, tighten the lock by rotating the bar in a counterclockwise direction. When tightening the nut bolts, rotate the tubes and keep a little bit out from the tube.

Test the depth

Before starting the work, make sure your needle’s depth is perfect and how deep the needle goes. For a pro artist, it’s straightforward to assess the depth just by looking at it once. You need to test on fruits like grapefruit; if fruit skins are damaged, then you need to set the depth again. If there is no harmless or any extra line on the fruit, then your adjusted depth is just perfect to go.

yes it’s dangerous for 2nd layer of the skin, it may cause infections and more pain.

No it’s not a good practice, to use a single needles on multiple customers. it may cause of HIV or other dangerous infections.

They never reuse tattoo needles.

yes, we can use it but after long hours working it will not work properly.

The exact depth may vary depending on the skin type and the location of the tattoo on the body. By following the steps mentioned above, you learned how to set needle depth on a rotary tattoo machine. Learn how to determine the correct depth for the tattoo needle and, if required, make adjustments while tattooing; a skilled tattoo artist who underwent appropriate training while learning. Numerous variables affect the appropriate depth for a tattoo needle. Ink must always be deposited between 1 and 2 mm into the dermis, which is located below the skin’s surface. 

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