how to make a professional rotary tattoo machine

How to Make a Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine

With the advancement in the tattoo industry, tattoo machines also upgraded with time. With the arrival of a rotary machine, complex operations become more manageable and less painful compared to traditional ones. Here, we will discuss how to make a professional rotary tattoo machine.

Today, tattoos are adopted as a fashion symbol by people of all ages, genders, and social classes. Due to this, the number of “tattoo businesses” and institutions that offer the skill and grant a regular license to graduates, allowing them to work as tattoo artists, has expanded significantly. Typically, tattoos are created by injecting a coloring ingredient directly into the skin using tiny needles. One rotary machine, which may be created by hand, is an alternate technique. Let’s discuss how to make a rotary tattoo machine. By making a professional rotary at home, you can lessen the cost of the tattoo machine that you pay when buying a machine from the market.

How to Make a Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattoos are a unique and artistic way to express oneself. What could be more creative or personal than building your tattoo gun? However, it should be noted that using a handmade tattoo gun without professional training on human skin can be extremely risky; it’s recommended to use this tattoo gun to practice on artificial skin or fruit.

Another factor that is also compulsory to be considered is its serialization to make it infection-free. The working mechanism between the rotary and coil machine is different, so during the building of a rotary machine, you need to keep in mind the working phenomena of the coil and rotary machines.

Let’s discuss step by step how to build a rotary tattoo machine.

Step 1

Take your soul away and a Bic pen, leaving behind the plastic casing. It should cut the hardwood strip to 3/4 the length of the pen, and at a point of 1/3 its breadth, drill a hole about 2 centimeters from the strip’s bottom.

Step 2

After completing these processes, fold the malleable metal bar in half to resemble an L. Use insulating tape to seal all the air and secure everything with plastic straps.

Step 3

Once the structure of the rotary machine has been created, it is possible to proceed with the mechanical part. By inserting the button on the motor shaft into one of the two holes and the piercing into the other, you can use the motor to create a little pulley. Add a drop of glue to each of the button’s two holes for better coverage.

Step 4

Turn the wire around the hole a few times. If you want to improve the machine’s functionalities, a small amount of glue should be applied to the wire and stick, while the needle should only be secured by locking. It enables you to use a different needle for every tattoo, preventing harmful infections. Lay the entire assembly on the metal bar with an L and insert it inside the Bic pen’s body.

Step 5

Now, take a cotton wipe needle, glue the feeder connected to the end, and glue it to the motor’s chemise after it has dried.

Step 6

The little button is inserted into the drilled hole in the wooden band and secured with a nut and washer. Finally, link everything together using an electrically connected tin wire and secure it with grips to prevent obstruction or getting trapped during operation.


you can make a machine if you have an idea about machine works and another mechanism. But it will not be safe as a professional machine.

Rotary tattoo machine comes in different bodies like; silver, copper and iron.

By following these steps, you can learn how to make a professional rotary tattoo machine. But always remember handmade machines can prove harmful, so try to make a professional that matches all standards. For this purpose, you need to know about tattooing and rotary tattoo machines, and also, it’s compulsory to know about the proper equipment used in a rotary machine.

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