How to Clean Rotary Tattoo Machine

How To Clean Rotary Tattoo Machine

Like other tattoo machines, rotary tattoo machines also need to be sterilized. You may face a severe infection due to your carelessness. In the case of applying tattoos on customers’ skin, this practice also affects your business, and you may lose your potential customers. The most necessary tool for tattooing is your machine; you need to know how to clean rotary tattoo machine. Pay close attention to cleaning and sterilizing your machine, even if you’re using rotary or coil machines.

Many of the instruments used by artists regularly have been updated with sterile disposable items. The most crucial instrument must be used repeatedly and cleaned correctly and regularly to maintain the customer’s and the artist’s safety. You also want to ensure that you can use a machine that is the most essential equipment for as long as feasible. This article will explain how you can protect your customers from germs and infections.

how to clean rotary tattoo machine

As you know, in rotary machines, needles go deep into the body to make the design. We also need to ensure that the machine is built by considering all sterilization factors.

By following the instructions below steps, you can clean a tattoo machine and make your machine infection-free.

Plug out

While cleaning your machine, ensure the rotary is not attached to the power cable. It may cause electrical damage, so always check before cleaning the machine.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

Cover properly to prevent liquid

Always cover your motor correctly if you’re using any liquid-type things to clean your machine.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

Disinfect your machine body

It should thoroughly clean the entire surface of the machine and its attachments before and after each tattoo session. Always totally turn off the tattoo machine. With a gentle cloth wet with disinfectant, clean the machine, the connecting cord, and the handle. It’s crucial to remember never to submerge the machine in liquid or immediately spray it with a cleaning solution. Always wear surgical gloves and maintain a clean atmosphere when disassembling your equipment and spreading the pieces before you.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

unscrew needles and other equipment

Unscrew needles and put them into cartridge containers, waste the needles, never reuse needles, and unscrew batteries from the pen.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

Clean machine grip

You can now shift your attention to the machine’s grip after properly cleaning its exterior and all its components and removing the power. You can clean your grip with various methods depending on your ease.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

Clean o- rings

Your tattoo machine’s O-rings keep the grip from rotating too quickly. Follow these steps if the grip’s rotation is too fast and the needle projection turns uncontrolled: Use a clean microfiber saturated with soap or a sanitizer to remove oil from the O-rings or spray them, as stated earlier. If the issue still exists, change the O-rings with fresh ones and, if required, lube them with silicone lubricant.

how to clean a rotary pen tattoo machine

people also ask

They use Dettol for this purpose.

Green soap is healthy for the skin, it helps to clean and sanitize your skin.

use gloves and keep your equipment’s sterilized after every customer.

In this article, we’ve explained several sterilization techniques and how to clean rotary tattoo machine. It cannot be emphasized enough how essential it is for tattoo artists to practice good hygiene and to take all necessary precautions to avoid infections.

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