Rotary Vs Coil Tattoo Machine

Rotary Vs Coil Tattoo Machine

Both rotary vs coil tattoo machines are popular and are commonly deployed. Despite the presence of other tattoo machines and their advantages, many expert tattoo artists favor these two. Although these machines guarantee significant outcomes, they operate in distinguishing ways. A newbie to the tattooing profession is always trying to figure out which tattoo machine to choose, whether a coil machine or a rotary tattoo machine.
In this article, we helped you understand the differences between these two machines and what to look for when comparing the various tattoo kits available on the market. After this, you will understand what’s better, rotary or coil tattoo machines, and what things distinguish wireless tattoo machines from coil machines.

Rotary Vs Coil Tattoo Machine

The difference between rotary and coil tattoo machines is discussed below on the basis of various factors we will distinguish these machines. These factors include tattoo machine cost, working phenomena, the versatility of the machine, machine weight, and maintenance cost.

What is a rotary tattoo machine?

The Rotary tattoo machine has an electric motor that moves the needle up and down. To make the skin feel pleasant, the needle smoothly works. Using rotaries produces tattoos by precise mechanical and scientific methods. Over time and after innovations in the industry, artists adopted rotary tattoo machines.
These machines now have an armature bar, a coil tattoo machine feature that helps the machine achieve the desired productivity. The rotary tattoo machine is light, silent, and quiet. This rotary machine is friendly to the designer and user because it has silent features and tattoo artists are less likely to experience muscle fatigue and headaches using rotary machines for longer sessions.

What is a rotary tattoo machine

What is a coil tattoo machine?

A set of coils are used to power a coil tattoo machine. For creating complex patterns and coloring, tattoo experts favor them. Smoother lines and more accessible shading enable the tattoo artist to produce tattoos that can be customized. Although a coil machine has several advantages, tattoo artists do not advise beginners or inexperienced tattoo artists to use coil machines.
A coil tattoo machine controls the armature bar using an electromagnetic current that flows via two coils. It produces a percussion motion, which causes the tattoo machine’s needle to be pushed up and down to penetrate the skin repeatedly.

Difference Between Coil and Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary and coil machines are different from each other from many perspectives. Some of those are explained below. On the basis of this parameter, we can differentiate rotary tattoo machines from traditional ones.

1. Way of working

The significant difference between coil and rotary machines is the style of working. The coil machine works with an armature bar and works like a hammer. While the rotary machine works smoothly, a small motor is installed in the machine. A motor is used in the rotary machine for needle movement.

2. Quiet operation

The rotary machine makes less noise and works in a tranquil environment. A peaceful work gives more results, and the customer and artist enjoy the process. A coil machine makes a loud noise, and this practice hesitates the customers and artists.

3. Versatility

A coil machine is not a multitasking machine. With a single gun, you can do various types of tattoos. A coil machine is compatible with different designs and styles but fewer rotary machines.

4. Weight

You can differentiate coil and rotary on the basis of their weight. A rotary machine is light in weight as compared to a coil machine. Compared to traditional machines, rotary machines are lightweight and easy to tackle.

5. Maintenance

A coil machine wins over the rotary machine while considering the maintenance factor. A coil machine needs less maintenance because it is easier to maintain at home or in the office than a rotary machine. A coil machine is easier to clean than a coil machine, so it does not need much maintenance.

Pros and cons of rotary tattoo machine

Almost every machine or product is built with multiple features. Some of them prove their benefits, and some prove their drawbacks. These pros and cons help us to understand the difference between rotary and coil tattoo machines.


  • quiet operation
  • Simple to use
  • Less damaging to the skin
  • Fast needle movement


  • lacks of punch
  • Not effective with large needles
  • not good for shading as coil

Pros and cons of coil tattoo machine


  • Best for shading
  • Smooth and fine lines
  • Helpful in line work
  • A strong punching


  • previous experience required to use it
  • Not easy to operate
  • More weight as compared to rotary
  • Not multitasking

people also ask

Compared to a coil tattoo machine, a rotary offers a more gentle approach. Rotary machines are a great option if you’re working in color. They also cause less skin irritation, making the process safe and without dangerous infections. With the modern advancement in the industry, the rotary machine has available wireless power supplies at reasonable prices.

In most cases, pain does not depend on the machine and the equipment, but the equipment used in the rotary is less painful. It is proven that tattoos applied using rotary equipment pain less than those applied using coil equipment. The rotary one will quickly, effectively, smoothly, and with less vibration to disturb you, only enter the needles under the skin.

But to achieve that strong and clear result, expect extra repetitions over the same line. Fortunately, there is no need for repeats over the same line, unlike the coil machine, where the needles run up and down the skin to simulate a small needle punch.

The Rotary machine is better than the coil machine because it is easy to operate, while on the other hand, the coil machine is not easy for a beginner-level artist. A rotary is lightweight, easy to use, and handle, and it also gives multiple functionalities to its users.


It depends upon the artists and which machine they like most. Rotary machines are lightweight and easy to use and operate. A coil machine also has a few features better than a rotary. We suggest you test and research before deciding on any machine. This article will help you to choose the best one and help you to understand the difference between rotary vs coil tattoo machine.

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