how deep does a tattoo needle go

How Deep Does A Tattoo Needle Go

If you are doing tattooing, you must know how deep does a tattoo needle go. Adjusting the needle depth for tattooing without knowing how deep the tattoo goes and not following the recommended depth may lead to a bad experience. If you go much deeper into the skin or do not correctly penetrate the needles into the skin and don’t know how deep to go when tattooing, you may face a severe infection. We recommend setting your needle depth to approximately 1 mm to 2mm, meaning needles will go around 1/16th of an inch into the skin.

how deep does a tattoo needle go

Knowing where to apply the ink to your customer’s body is essential for improving your tattooing techniques. To prevent overflowing or vanishing after healing, the ink must be precisely positioned in the subsurface rather than the top layer of fat in the skin. It takes several hours of training to perfect the depth of your needle and understand the lining of the tattoo needle setup, how tattoo needles work, and how deep a tattoo needle should go.

how deep does a tattoo needle go

tattoo needle depth for lining

It’s both exciting and severe to decide to get a tattoo. It’s thrilling because your body will become this magnificent, lasting art. On the other hand, it is risky to set up a tattoo machine for lining because the tattoo needle is frequently “knifed” throughout the unpleasant procedure. So, we must set the proper depth to overcome the extra pain and unpleasant feeling.

tattoo needle depth for lining

The epidermis, which has five sublayers, the dermis, and the internal tissue, are the three layers that make up the skin. The tattoo needle should pierce the dermis layer. Only the sublayers of the skin will be penetrated when the tattoo cures if the depth is too deep. Any ink applied will be shed immediately due to the epidermis’ five sublayers’ continuous external expansion to the top. If the depth is too deep, you risk contaminating your client’s skin and increasing pain.
What is a suitable beginner tattoo needle depth for lining? Between 1mm and 2mm under the skin’s surface is where the subcutaneous layer begins. You must thus set the tattoo machine within this range. Change the depth of the tip to the depth using the appropriate needle, grip, and tattoo machine.
As you adjust the tip such that the needle is in the down position, ensure you maintain a firm grip on the armature bar. The end of the hand should be at most 2mm or less than 1mm. Remember that every individual has a unique skin type; no precise measurement exists. If there is a lot of blood throughout the operation, your tattoo will likely go too deep.

needles depth for shading

Shading is intended to heal more lightly and isn’t practical in the dermis. To achieve various results, you can position the needle at a slight angle so that the ink settles more in the dermis. The dermis should always contain ink injected between 1 and 2 mm deep. However, various angles will offer multiple results. Choosing a shading needle for a tattoo gun is the most important.

needle depth for color packing

The process of injecting color into the skin to completely cover the surface with ink and erase any noticeable negative space is called color packing. For line coloring, you have to set needles up to 4mm, and for gray and black, set up to 3mm stroke.

permanent makeup needle depth

The epidermis, which usually has 50–100 cell layers and measures an average of .1mm, is immediately covered with the pigment used in permanent makeup.


It can shoot into a vein or puncture the vein, causing bleeding and the additional risk of contamination, depending on the force of the ink, the direction of the needle, and how near the skin is to the vein.

If you set the proper depth and do not feel any extra pain by setting it up to 2mm it’s a deep enough tattoo.

Due to scratching the skin not according to the desired way.

Flat shader needles are used for blackout tattoos.

No it’s not a legal activity, because its causes serious infections.


Proper needle depth is compulsory for a tattoo artist; going so deep will cause issues. We hope this brief study has answered the question of the correct needle depth for tattooing and explained how deep a tattoo needle goes into the skin.

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