How much does a tattoo cost

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost

You’re just one of many who have decided to get your first tattoo and are curious to know how much does a tattoo cost. Research has shown that around 31% of Americans and 48% of those between the ages of 17 and 34 have one tattoo each. If you’re willing to participate in the fun, you’ve done your fair share of study into the top parlor, artist, and style. However, the expense is another frequently ignored aspect when planning a tattoo.

There is a basic range for an estimate to pay based on the type of tattoo you want, though the final price can vary depending on the position of the body, area, and the experience level of the artist. You can only get a price quote with complete details of your tattoo. There are ways to estimate tattoo costs; if your artist is experienced, they are costly. Another important thing that plays a vital role in the price-making process is the machine cost because an expensive machine always comes with new features and extra comfort for the customer.

how much does a tattoo cost

Throughout this guide, we’ll cover how to estimate the cost of your tattoo, what factors affect it, and how to spot a rip-off by your tattoo artist. Without further delay, let’s examine the cost of tattoos, the elements determining the price, and the design that will incur extra charges. You can use a stencil machine to print tattoos for the best results according to your design requirements. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to make stencils, you can read our article.

how much does a tattoo cost

Factors of Average Tattoo Prices

Different factors determine the expense of your new tattoo. It is a complex answer. The cost is influenced by factors like the tattoo’s design, position, size, and resources.

A little tattoo will cost between $50 and $100, a medium tattoo up to $200, and a giant tattoo is more than $250. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to huge chunks. The cost of getting complex and large tattoos can be very high.

1. Size

The size of the tattoo should be the first consideration. The cost of a tattoo will expand with its size. Generally, 2 to 5 inches is considered small, 5 to 7 inches is considered medium, and 7 inches or more is considered a large tattoo.

It is essential to understand the size of the tattoo. Every artist sets their prices according to the size of the tattoo. Artists also change their prices up and down according to the size and capacity of the customer. If the size is simple and small, try to make a scalable design.

2. Time

Time is the next aspect that influences the price of a tattoo. A tattoo will cost more the more time it requires. The artist should consider the tattooing, the discussion, and the designing time. In addition to the tattooing, artists are paid for all the time spent on it.

Every artist has a different price range and hourly rate for tattooing; artists also charge according to their skill, experience, and level and must be honest with customers when pricing.

3. Equipment

The material used for tattooing is an essential factor in pricing. You’ll spend more money on supplies if your tattoo is more complex. It will cost more if the tattoo has multiple colors, requires lots of ink, and uses various needles. The cost of the tattoo must include the cost of all the tools needed. Therefore, you will charge extra for the tattoo if more materials are required.

4. Geography

Where you live also affects tattoo prices. If your nearest tattoo artist has a lot of customers, they also set their prices higher. So you must pay high for your tattoo because you have only one artist near your home. If you want to get tattooed in beggar cities, you must pay more than smaller city artists.

5. Location (Area) Body Placement

The position of the tattoo is another important factor. Different body components have different prices. Artists may need to charge more if the tattoo is on a sensitive part of the body.

Smaller items, like a thumb, will be less costly than more significant parts, such as a half-sleeve. Size also matters in this scenario. If you get a tattoo on your hand, it might cost one thing, but if you get one on your chest, it might cost something else. 

6. Tattoo Average Price Estimate by Placement

Every tattoo will cost according to the placement of a tattoo. It would help if you discussed with a skilled tattoo artist the best body part for your planned tattoo design. They’ll be able to advise you on the best location and size for the desired format.

various tattoo costs

Here is the complete list of the various tattoos with a detailed cost estimate. The comprehensive and detailed tattoo cost with different designs and body areas is here. If you stay with us, we hope you will quickly understand how much a tattoo costs.

Full Body Tattoo Cost

A full-body tattoo shows that the person is fully committed and willing to pay the premium. Inside this scenario, depending on the tattoo’s style and color, be prepared to charge more than $99,000—the cost accounts for the process’s duration and workforce intensity. Also, consider the 15% to 25% tip usually given to tattoo artists. A spine tattoo costs around 150$ to 500$, depending on the size.

Full Body Tattoo Cost

Many tattoo artists charge an hourly rate for extensive tattoos. This means that rather than being paid a set amount upfront, they will be charged for the time spent. This allows them to enhance their tattoo and turn it into a full-body piece without paying an extra fee.

Full Back Tattoo Cost

You should expect to spend between $2,400 and $4,800 for a full back tattoo or $2,500 for only the sketch. Remember that a full-back tattoo does not encircle the entire back. Only the area from the neck to above the hips is included. Therefore, you might have to pay hundreds more if you want the tattoo to completely cover your lower back, upper arms, or ribs.

Full Back Tattoo Cost

It would be best to estimated up to $6,000 to $9,000 for complete back tattoos with all the details, design, and color. Your tattoo artist will work on the design for days, often between 35 and 55 hours, based on the complexity, detail, and color, which is the reason for the cost.

full arm sleeve Tattoo Cost

You should expect to pay between $2,500 and $4,500 for the design only of a full-arm sleeve. For instance, a simple tattoo in black and white without any shading.

full arm sleeve Tattoo Cost

However, be prepared to pay up to $5,500 to $7,500 if you want your tattoo to include further detail, shades, or even new colors. Full-sleeve tattoos are expensive since they require a lot of time and effort. They usually take multiple sessions, and it could take a tattoo artist days or weeks to finish the entire tattoo.

how much does a half sleeve tattoo cost

Half-arm sleeve tattoo Costs you less money, but they will sometimes be less than full-sleeve tattoos. Whether you have a full or half sleeve, you still have to pay for the tools and ink color. Prices for a half sleeve of tattoos typically range from $500 for a simple style to $1500 for a more intricate design that wraps about your upper arm.

Half Arm Sleeve Tattoo Cost

Chest Piece Tattoo Cost

A chest tattoo may cost you substantially less than a Full Back and Arm tattoo because it takes fewer hours to finish and requires less experience. For example, the price range for a little flower tattoo near your heart is about $150 and $250. A medium-sized tattoo requiring more effort and time will cost around $300 and $700.

Half a chest refers to exactly half of your wardrobe covered in tattoos. The nipple could be part of this! Consider the higher price level for big tattoos like this. For a simple design, the budget is $400 to $550, and up to $1,000 for a complex structure.

The cost of just the sketch of a full chest tattoo is from $550 to $950. The price of a full chest tattoo with all the shading, colors, and detail work may reach $2,100 in total. This type of tattoo will cover your whole body.

Shoulder Tattoo Cost

Depending on how much of the shoulder it covers, a shoulder tattoo may cost between $300 to $600. Standard shoulder caps are one of the more popular places to get tattooed, and they can cost as much as $1,000. The price will be higher for a more giant, complex shoulder tattoo covering the upper arm or back.

Hip Tattoo Cost

Hip tattoos can be designed in a range of positions, from close to your crotch to the very edge of your hip, extending down to your thigh, or even up to your ribs.

Hip to Thigh

Depending on the design size, you may expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for tattoos on your hips and upper thighs. A hip or thigh tattoo might cost you up to $2,000, depending on the level of coloring and design.

Large Outer Hip

Getting a tattoo that completely encircles your hip from back to front will cost you $700 to $2000. Such tattoos can range in cost based on the complexity of the design and the tattoo artist’s experience level.

Face Tattoo Cost

According to the complexity of the tattoo, a full-face tattoo costs between $400 to $900. Small face, lips, and eyebrow tattoos may cost between &150 to $ 600. It may be necessary to spread out the complex process of tattooing your face several times. Moreover, some tattoo artists might feel insecure about tattooing your entire face.

Hand and Finger Tattoo Cost

The back of the hand and toward the wrist are common locations for medium-sized tattoos. Depending on the design, size, and color, hand tattoos can cost up to $200.

Small-size tattoos on hand will cost between $50 to $90. Finger tattoos, such as a sign on each finger or a phrase, often cost between $60 and $120. It’s always pleasant and exciting to get tattoos on your fingers or hands, and they’re getting more

Foot Tattoo Cost

The tattoo you can have here is (medium-sized) because the area on the sole or top of your foot is minimal. Tattoo artists can typically complete a medium-sized foot tattoo in one or two sessions, even though the bony area can be susceptible. A foot tattoo typically costs between $120 and $250.

Ankle Tattoo Cost

An ankle tattoo is one of the least expensive tattoos you can obtain. An ankle tattoo typically costs $60 to $250 and only needs a little effort based on the size, shape, and color.

Rib Tattoo Cost

You must spend $500 to $1,000 for an average-sized rib tattoo. Expect to pay up to $400 more if the design is different and needs more expertise because the cost does rise when detailing and coloring are considered.

How Much Does A Leg Tattoo Cost

Both men’s and women’s leg tattoos will cost between $500 to $1000 because it takes less effort.

It normally cost you 500$ to 2000$. in 500 to 600$ for lining and for full color its cost you 1400$ to 2000$.

the best age is over 18 years, you may get tattoos with the consent of your gradians but we recommend you to get inked at above said age.

Small tattoos normally cost you only 50$and it’s a basic tattoo price, it does not include coloring.


We try to cover up how much does a tattoo cost. we hope this complete study helps you to understand the price of a tattoo and its factors.

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