how to tattoo with a rotary pen

How To Tattoo With A Rotary Pen

With the developments and enhancements in the field of tattooing, many tattoo artists have shifted to rotary machines for tattooing. But knowing how to tattoo with a rotary pen is compulsory for better outcomes and experience with rotary engines. Here, we come with detailed information about tattooing. You will learn how to make different types of tattoos by using rotary machines.

how to tattoo with a rotary pen

There are a lot of things that are compulsory while learning the tattooing process. As you know, a rotary pen is used for shading and lining. Lining and shading are two different tattooing techniques, for lining and shading have a lot of differences in a working mechanism. Here, we will elaborate on how to line and shade with a rotary tattoo machine. As you know, there is a difference in setup for lining and shading and voltage for line and shade. This study will help you to understand both scenarios. 

how to tattoo with a rotary pen

For lining and shading, two types of needles are used; suppose you must be made aware of the needle’s compatibility with a machine and include a tremendous amount of information about tattooing.
As you know, a rotary machine is always preferred over a coil machine. It can do anything, meaning every type of tattoo you can design using a rotary pen. So, it’s clear that you can use a rotary for shade and line tattoos. Here is a detailed discussion of using it for various tattoos.

how to shade with a rotary tattoo machine

Tattoo shading is essential to producing a unique design with a physical texture element and visual value. Tattoo artists researched to improve their shading methods, and those who have mastered their craft are highly desirable after that practice.

We need to know the machine requirements for shading with a rotary pen. We need to know about the needles that we will use for shading. Additionally, we ensure that we know the appropriate voltage and machine speed. Here, we go through a few critical shading options.

To achieve shading, you must leave around 2 mm between the armature bar and the connection bolt.

The tattoo machine should have a needle and tubing attached. The tube must be chosen in line with the hand-selected, and the arrows must be chosen depending on your desired shading technique.

Setting the tattoo machine’s speed significantly smaller for shading than for line is good. The best alternative is to set up the tattoo machine by ear at a pace that is suitable for you.

How to line with a rotary

For linework tattoos, just lines or a lining needle are utilized. Basic drawings to highly developed works that are “shaded” with several small lines to create a more three-dimensional artwork may all fall under this category. The linework may be delicate or bold, based on personal choice.

As mentioned above, shade-specific needles used for lining also consider this phenomenon. Here, we also need to remember that the machine speed and voltage for line work differ from the shading. For linen work, always hold your machine at 50 to 80 degrees.

For a line with a rotary, we need to adjust the stroke to 4.00mm in length. For line, a tattoo chose 7v to 9v machine voltage. In most cases, only specific needles are used to do a particular operation, but flat shader needles are used to line a tattoo.


Yes, it is very much suitable because of its weight and best results on with lines.

We can use flat shader needles because they deliver the required ink very efficiently. But we suggest you use recommended needles.

It lasts 3 to 5 years, and its lifetime increases or decreases depending on the depth and amount of color penetrated.

Final words

This study revealed how to tattoo with a rotary tattoo machine; a rotary can do various tasks. We also discussed how to line col, or, and shade with a rotary tattoo machine

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