How to power a tattoo gun without a power supply

How To Power A Tattoo Gun Without A Power Supply

We know how difficult it is if your machine’s power supply gets damaged and stops working. It may hurt your working pace and cause you to lose potential clients if you need a proper power source. Sometimes, you need to be in the position of buying a new one due to financial problems. Here we come with the solution to your problem. We will guide you on how to power a tattoo gun without a power supply. This method will teach how to make a power supply and straight-wire a tattoo gun.

Additionally, we will deliver some extra information about wiring a power supply that you need to know about for a better experience. Here, we explain various methods to power a tattoo machine without a power supply.

how to power a tattoo gun without a power supply

As we discussed above, if your machine power supply gets broken, lost, or damaged, it will become challenging for you to continue working if you cannot afford to buy a new one. Here, we come up with new methods, how to straight wire a tattoo gun to power it on if the machine supply does not work due to the abovementioned possibilities.

how to power a tattoo gun without a power supply

There will likely be a 2nd hand used to plug in your tattoo station or workplace. Take a switch, put the wire into it, and connect those wires with a plug. Always consider the positive and negative charging sides when connecting wires and plugs. After this, click the pin on the machine. We hope it will start working when setting up all wires accordingly and then switching on the device.

Usually, a machine works between 5 and 12 volts. Further, you can adjust according to your requirements; how deep should you want to depend on you.

how to make a power supply for a tattoo gun

A tattoo gun may do several miracles while making different tattoo designs on your body. The tattoo gun, which also functions as the component that attaches to the power source, has a rotary pen that powers the painting pen. You can make a power source for your tattoo machine if you have some simple abilities, ultimately saving you money, especially if you don’t need a power supply kit.

Making a tattoo gun’s power source requires Obtaining a 250-ma 12-volt cable charger from a brand-new Ethernet device or anything equivalent. Cut the cable screw, fasten it to the tattoo machine’s screws, and then protect it by wrapping it in the adhesive wire. Attach the power supply to a power cord to control it with your foot.

Homemade tattoo power supply

This project shows us how to use simple steps and a circuit design to quickly generate a 12-volt power supply at home or convert 230 volts (AC) to 12 volts (DC). To finish this project, we need specific components.

Homemade tattoo power supply

Components are required to make 12 volts of power supply.

  • A voltage controller, LM7812
  •   50v capacitor
  •   Heat sink
  •   LED
  •   Diodes
  •   Ampere transformers
  •   Soldering iron and wire
  •   Resistors
  •   PCB board

We utilize the LM7812 charge controller in this experiment. The fundamental purpose of a voltage regulator is to produce precisely 12 volts. Diode gates are used because they can transfer AC voltage to DC voltage.

How to fix your tattoo power supply kit

Here, we will discuss how to fix the power supply if it lights up but doesn’t work; here, you will get a solution to your problem. First, you need to check whether your power supply capacitor is working or not. Try to connect it correctly if it is not linked correctly. 

Verify that the positive and negative wires are in fine condition and that the cables are connected to the plug. Additionally, check to see if any wires cross one another; if so, split the wires, and the power supply will start working.

people also ask

With the advancement in the tattooing industry, a lot of brands are making wireless but some machines come with wire compatibility. Almost all rotary machines are supported with a cordless power supply because a rechargeable battery is installed inside the machine.

12 volts electric rotary motor used in tattoo machines.

The voltage of the tattoo power supply will typically range from 8 to 12 volts, while certain special low-voltage sources may be as low as 3 volts.

Due to less tension in the back spring, check its movement and set enough tension then the needles will start working.


This article aims to help readers who need to understand how to power a tattoo gun without a power supply. We discussed if you need a proper power supply setup, you can use a homemade one. Also, here we discussed how we can power our machine by converting the AC to DC.
This article will help you to solve your problem. If you find it helpful, share it with your colleagues and friends. You’re welcome to further queries.

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