tattoo scabbing vs infection

Tattoo Scabbing Vs Infection

After getting a tattoo, you feel some changes in your skin color due to the ink. But a few of the changes may cause serious issues like infections. If you are new to tattooing and don’t know about tattoo scabbing vs infection, you may worry about whether it’s normal or infection during normal healing. We will elaborate here on the difference between tattoo scabbing and tattoo infection. 

What is the difference between tattoo scabbing and infection?

Scabing is the normal process when the tattoo is recovered, while tattoo infection is an alarming situation in which tattoos get infected. 

What is tattoo scabbing?

Your inked skin will start to scab as it recovers. This is entirely typical. It’s crucial to avoid scratching or picking at the scabs because doing so might harm your tattoo. Since scabbing tattoos can become irritating as they dry out, itching can be reduced by keeping your tattoo wet but not excessively moist.

tattoo scabbing vs infection

Bad tattoo scabbing signs 

Tattoo scabbing is a normal process after two days of sessions, but if you find the following signs, it needs serious attention. If your tattoo scabs badly, it’s a sign of a bad healing process.

Following are the signs of the wrong scabbing.

1. Skin color 

If your skin turns red and the edges of the scab get inflamed, it’s a serious symptom of scabbing.

2. Excessively pain

If you feel excessive and continuous pain around the tattoo, it might be a bad sign of tattoo scabbing. 

3. Blood and pus discharge

After two days of getting tattooed, blood and pus emerge from the tattooed body area, which is also a bad scabbing sign.

4. Swelling around the tattoo

Excessive swelling around the tattoo is another bad scabbing sign. Due to swelling, the tattooed area gets red, and the person who gets the tattoo feels extra pain continuously.

5. High Fever 

High fever is another bad scabbing sign, which might be a sign of tattoo scabbing.

6. Hardness in the tattooing area

The part where you applied the tattoo got harder; after two days, it started scabbing. 

What causes tattoo scabbing

Tattoo scabbing is part of tattooing; these are several reasons tattoos scab.

1. Bad Aftercare 

 Due to bad aftercare precautions, a tattoo leads to bad scabbing. Due to improper aftercare, the tattoo got scabbed badly, and if it remains for a long time, it may become infected. 

2. Extra ink 

While you get excessive ink during the session, it causes bad scabbing. Inked tattoos take a long time to recover.

3. Rashes on the skin

If your skin is damaged during the process and rashes over the tattooed area, it’s also the biggest reason for scabbing.

What is a tattoo infection?

When a tattoo healing process is affected and does not recover in the right way or change the skin color and other symptoms of infection, people with tattoos are at risk of tattoo infections, which are skin infections. There are numerous potential reasons, such as contamination in the water or ink.

Asking a licensed tattoo parlor about their sterilization procedures can help you reduce your risk. If you spot symptoms of an infection, consult a doctor immediately. 

what is tattoo infection

tattoo infection symptoms

Tattoo infection symptoms are almost the same as bad scabbing because bad scabbing later leads to tattoo infection 

 1. Allergy on the tattooed area

If you are allergic to the skin area where the tattoo is applied. A continuous allergy and you are fed up with it is a sign of tattoo infection

2. Worsening Red

The worsening turning red is another symptom of the infected tattoo. The epidermis has small holes that absorb the ink; if these holes get red, it’s alarming for the tattoo.

3. Redness and swelling 

Keep in mind that the first two to three days following having a tattoo will likely include some minor redness. You must take action if it advances, gets worse, or quickens three to five days after having the tattoo because a skin illness is highly likely. 

4. Pus and bad smell

If pus in the blood comes from the inked area and it feels like a bad smell, you need to consult your doctor.

5. Worsening pain

If you feel continuous pain in the inked area, your tattoo is infected.

6. Fever and chills

It is an infection symptom if you feel cold and have a high fever.

What causes tattoo infections

A tattoo gets infected due to various reasons. When the artist and the tattoo getter do not follow the safety measures, it causes tattoo infection. 

tattoo infection causes are discussed below

1 dirty needle 

During the operation, the artist does not clean the needles when he takes breaks or when the needles get bloody. 

2 dirty pieces of equipment 

When an operation is in the process, the equipment is affected with blood, and the artist touches different equipment, causing tattoo infection

3 Unproffesional artist 

The biggest reason for tattoo infection is getting it from an inexperienced and unprofessional artist. An unskilled artist must care for his hands or body parts during the session.

4 Improper cleanness of the tattoo station

Unprofessional and not too-qualified artists need to take care of tattoo station cleanliness. Keeping the tattoo station neat and clean is the biggest challenge; it helps prevent infections. When the station owner doesn’t look after the tattoo station sterilization, it causes customer infections.

5 Unstrillized gloves 

When the artist fails to put on fresh and clean gloves, when the artist designs a tattoo with dirty hands, it may cause a tattoo infection.

6 dirty skin

When an artist fails to fulfill tattoo care requirements, it causes infection. He applied tattoos on the dirty skin of the customer.

7 Lack of aftercare 

When you fail to fulfill the aftercare requirements, it leads to infection. 

What is the difference between tattoo scabbing vs peeling

As discussed above, scabbing is normal during tattoo healing, while peeling is post-scabbing. Peeling typically happens as the skin starts to mend and repair itself a few days after receiving the tattoo. Removing damaged and dead skin cells is a step in the healing process. A layer of dead skin cells and ink pigment peels off when the skin eliminates itself, permitting the growth of new cells.

People also ask:

The tattoo enthusiast dreads that scabbing indicates something is bad or should raise doubt, but do not be alarmed. It indicates that your body is reacting to the exposed wound and the stress the tattooed skin region has recently undergone. This is a common process in the tattoo recovery game.

Yes! Apply a warm, wet towel to the scab one to two times per day to keep it moist. As a result, the epidermis underlying the scab will be able to regenerate, assisting in the mending process. To keep the scab healthy and less likely to slide off or split, apply moisturizer to it.

You need not worry about scabbing, your inked epidermis will start to scab as it recovers. This is entirely typical. It’s crucial to avoid picking or scratching at the scabs because doing so could damage your tattoo. That’s more difficult to accomplish because scabbing tattoos can become irritating as they age.


Scabbing is a regular part of the process of tattooing. It is a sign that the body is working to protect the wound and that the healing process has begun. While it is natural to feel worried or concerned when you notice scabs forming on your new tattoo, follow the aftercare instructions and avoid scratching or peeling at the scabs. Tattoo infection is a serious matter, so take it seriously. Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms of an infection, as early treatment can ultimately help to minimize the risk of complications. Remember, with proper care, tattoos can be a beautiful form of self-expression that can last a lifetime.
In this study, we discussed tattoo scabbing vs. infection; if you are confused, you’re welcome!

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