Mast flip tattoo machine review

Mast Flip Tattoo Machine Review

The mast flip is one of the famous MAST tattoo machine manufacturer products. If you hear from any artist or your customer about the mast flip and you want to test the mast flip, don’t worry. We came up with a detailed mast flip tattoo machine review. We hope the complete study will answer all your questions about the mast flip. Let’s discuss the product review by considering all those factors that are compulsory to consult before making a final purchase.

mast flip tattoo machine review 

Mast Flip Tattoo Machine Review

The mast flip rotary machine is designed with compatibility and versatility in mind. The devices come with the equipment that an artist needs to start tattooing. The flip machine comes with extras; it’s very helpful to enhance your tattooing experience and helps to polish your art.

We always prefer quality over quantity; this machine is the best choice for those who like quality machines. It’s expensive, but this machine is not too expensive for those who love quality precision. 

We tried on the various tattoo designs; we found the flip machine clean and completely controllable. You can also personalize your tattooing experience with the machine’s adjustable stroke length feature. You can quickly find the setting that fits perfectly with the six different options for stroke length—the best wireless tattoo machine for those who love wireless working.

Thanks to the wireless power supply and a battery included with the Mast Flip, you can tattoo anywhere, any time. The machine is light and manageable because of the battery’s tiny size (40g). You can tattoo for up to six hours on a single charge thanks to the 1300mAh battery.

Product features and specifications 

  • Water resistant machine
  •   Black color 
  •   Small size 
  •   Manufactured by MAST tattoo
  •   Dedicated Customer Support

Pros and cons


  • Easy Controlable machine
  • Comfortable to use
  • Clean precision
  • Wireless machine
  • Stroke length adjustable


  • Packed with not compatible cartridges
  • A little bit expensive but a quality machine

Buying guide

Stroke length range 

The stroke length range is also an important factor. Compatibility allows you to adjust the stroke length according to your needs. As you know, you need deep pushing for some tattoos, so more stroke length is required.

Wireless power 

A wireless machine gives you the ease of comfortable working without hesitation of wires. The wireless device comes with a battery power backup. We recommend that you select an engine that supports working with battery power backup,

Efficient and comfortable tattooing

A well-shaped and designed machine can give you comfortable operations. All this is possible with a strong grip and control over the pen. A strong grip and control are possible if your pen weight is divided equally on both sides.

Precise design

As mentioned above, a geometrically precisely designed machine is more helpful for more concentration and strong control over the device. We recommend you adopt a precisely designed machine like a mast flip rotary.

Balanced body

especially in rotary machines, the machine weight must be equal on both sides. A flat pen is easy to control, and the user can mold it according to the design.


Yes, it’s an adjustable stroke length machine.

Yes, it’s an amazing rotary machine, you can get maximum functionalities from a mast flip rotary pen.

Its works on 5v to 12v. The voltage requirements depend on the tattoo design.


This mast flip tattoo machine review includes a detailed product description. It includes reasons to buy and avoid, features, and specifications. Always consider the product according to your requirements. Never compromise on quality over price. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!

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