ambition soldier tattoo machine review

Ambition Soldier Tattoo Machine Review

Suppose you’re a tattoo beginner or a pro artist searching for a machine with excellent battery life and reliability. But with the availability of various brands, it isn’t easy to choose the best product. You don’t need to worry about it anymore because you’re in the right place. We will guide you about your desired machine, and the ambition soldier tattoo machine review will help you find your chosen device. 

ambition soldier tattoo machine reviews

ambition soldier tattoo machine

I have used and owned several high-end devices, ranging from costly rotaries to hand-made coils. This machine was recommended to me by a friend, and he says that he will never be disappointed. I bought it as a backup, but now I use it daily—4 mm stroke, solid construction, consistently hard striking. We have used this machine for seven hours without growing warm or giving me a problem. The batteries typically last between 5:00 and 6 hours at 9.5. I bought a second one to replace the dead battery when it happens. There is no drop in power until the battery is completely depleted; instead, there is a sudden stop.

Their customer service was outstanding when I contacted them to ask a query. Within a day, they replied to my email, politely and quickly responding to my inquiries. This machine is for you if you want to set up one device and only change your hand speed rather than set up many machines.

This machine is packed with a powerful made-in-Japan motor that supports 9000 rounds per minute and operates on ten v. You can adjust the voltage according to need by pressing the buttons. Additionally, the digital display shows the battery power and machine voltages. This machine is best for line and shade tattoos.

Ambition Soldier looks like a lightweight, but it’s different from its look. The pen shape shows a balanced pen but is not; the machine balance could be more proportional. Its replaceable battery helps to continue the operation when power goes out.

Features and specifications

  • Aluminum body: the machine has an aluminum body that gives an elegant look, and an aluminum body makes a machine safe in case of breakage.
  •  A Japanese motor is a powerful motor that works smoothly and silently.
  •  Long-lasting battery; compatible with a replaceable, long-lasting battery. 
  •  Adjustable voltage: the buttons on the display help to adjust the voltage according to need.
  •  Digital display: The LED screen shows the voltage and remaining battery power.
  •  4 mm needle stroke; the pen is supported with a 4mm stroke length.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Widely deployable machine
  • Powerful and long-lasting motor
  • Fast charging


  • Little heavy in weight as compared to others
  • Difficult to handle for long sessions
  • Not centered body weight


This is a strong build machine best for experts and gives amazing results for shade & line.

This pen has a 4.0mm stroke length.

Normally it costs you 160$ to 180$.

7v to 10v ideal operating voltage for a soldier pen, this is the range of voltage that a soldier supports.


With the development of various industries, the tattooing industry has also become innovative. Many tattoo artists shifted to the wireless machine to avoid the hesitation of wires. The Ambition Soldier is an ideal beginner’s rotary machine for a primary-level artist who needs greater control and power. This ambition soldier tattoo machine review will help you to find the desired device.

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