solong tattoo kit review

Solong Tattoo Kit Review

Whether a pro or a beginner, a tattoo artist must have a quality machine. Suppose you are new to tattooing or want to buy a cheap device with less skin damage while using human skin. We know how embarrassing it is for you in front of the customer if the machine stops working after a few sessions. Here, we have a Solong tattoo kit review to help you assess the device.
The Solong kit is designed to provide quality work for a beginner or pro artist at a low price. Based on our experience with the Solong machine, the detailed Solong tattoo machine review is discussed below.

solong tattoo kit review and buying guide

solong tattoo kit review

After six months of use, we can affirm that the Solong Tattoo Kit is appropriate for both newbies and experienced tattoo artists. The device is dependable, efficient, and simple to operate. The tattoo machine is perfect for getting the required design since it is strong and produces consistent results.

Power supply Additionally, the product is user-friendly and offers superb precision throughout the entire tattooing procedure t. you can change the voltage to achieve the required line and shading effects. The foot pedal and clip cord are solid and long-lasting, ensuring continuous use.

Tattoo cartridge needles are of the highest quality and do not harm clients’ skin in any way. Even after extensive usage, the needles have not yet broken or become dull, which is evidence of their resilience. Because they are disposable, cross-contamination is prevented, and hygiene is guaranteed.

Additionally, we discovered that tattoo practice is skin beneficial, mainly when teaching trainees and people with little to no prior tattooing expertise. During the design and outlining stages, transfer paper and tattoo pen ink prove helpful and make it simple to transfer the art to the client’s skin.

Product Features 

Everything a beginner tattoo artist needs to get started is included in the Solong Tattoo Kit. A rotary tattoo machine, a power source, a pedal for the foot, a clip cable, tattoo cartridge handles, and ten needles of various sizes are included in the set. Multiple accessories include tattoo practice skin, ink cups, transfer paper, tattoo pen oil, and cleaning swabs. The package is simple to use and maintain, including a tool bag and a manual book.

The rotary working mechanism is one of the critical components of the Solong Tattoo Kit. It is simple to use, even for newbies, and is intended for accurate and clean lines. The robust device performs steadily and consistently, giving it an excellent outlining, shading, and filling option. The continual use of the device is made pleasant by its lightweight and ergonomic design.

The power supply included in the kit is another valuable component. The voltage can be adjusted and used efficiently, and the digital display assures maximum accuracy. Professional tattoo artists may use it since the foot pedal and clip wire are solid and can be used constantly.

The Solong Tattoo Kit also includes premium tattoo cartridge needles in the 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 5M1, and 7M1 sizes. These excellent needles are made to deliver outstanding ink transfer and make drawing precise, clear lines simple. Since the needles are disposable, there is no chance of cross-contamination, and ultimate proper sanitation is promised.

The kit has a tattoo practice for beginners who want to polish their tattooing techniques. Transferring paper and tattoo pen oil are also helpful when making designs that must be transferred to the skin.

The tattoo kit only includes 54 ink cups, which are enough for small tattoo designs, but does not offer a range of inks. The ink cups are simple to use and assist in minimizing ink wastage.

Pros and cons 


  • An effective and high-quality tattoo machine.
  • power supply with a simple interface and a digital display.
  • Reliable clip cord and foot pedal.
  • Exceptional tattoo cartridge grips.
  • Additional tools that are helpful for beginners
  • worth the money.


  • Limited ink included in the kit
  • Only best for small tattoo

Things to consider before buying Solong tattoo machine

Before buying a Solong machine kit, you must ensure it fulfills the required criteria. We are sharing the Solong tattoo kit review based on our experience. The following checks confirm whether a machine is compatible with you.

Match with requirements 

To determine whether the kit is appropriate for your needs and whether it will improve the quality and ease of application of your tattoos, you must carefully consider each component. Make sure that the machine is beneficial according to your requirements.


A machine that comes with the feature of versatility is the best option for every artist.

Using compatibility 

Everyone can purchase one of the tattoo kits offered by Solong, from newbies wishing to launch a profession in tattooing to people who want to tattoo themselves, friends, and family as a leisure activity. They’re also fantastic for experienced tattoo professionals working with ink for several years.

Easy to hold and lightweight

Finding the ideal tattoo machine is the most critical aspect of a fantastic tattoo kit. Ensure it meets your requirements, is lightweight, and easy to hold. It shouldn’t be heavy or challenging because you’ll use it for several hours daily.

people also ask:

7V to 11 V, with an 11 V maximum voltage capacity. If you run it over that, the motor will heat up and burn out mechanically.

When you ask which brand they use, Solong will be on the top of any tattoo artist’s list. They have been among the best manufacturers in the tattoo market for more than 10 years. This gear is great for beginners and can be used by specialists and people who have just completed their training.

Yes, it comes with reliable ink, but due to its small cups, it is compatible with small tattoos.


Overall, for tattoo artists who desire high quality and reasonable prices, the Solong Tattoo Kit is a great choice. It comes with helpful accessories to enhance your tattooing process and is simple to use and maintain. To satisfy their demands, professional tattoo artists could require a more specialized tattoo machine as it might not be appropriate for continuous use. We suggest the Solong Tattoo Kit as a dependable, effective tattoo machine that offers value for the money.

In this article, we discussed the Solong tattoo kit review, including its features, pros, and cons based on our experience. 

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